[Zope-dev] Using SQLTEST with Date

2002-02-01 Thread Champier


I cant use the SQLTEST
tag with date variable in parameter to access an oracle

When I use dtml-sqltest date type=string op=eq
I have an Error.

What sort of type can I use

In the Oracle database date
is a date field. 

Thanks for your help

[Zope-dev] how to preserv information

2002-01-15 Thread Champier


I'm a new zope programmer.

I created a page which show different
products (from a oracle 

database) which can be selected
(products are shoiwn in checkbox 


As I have a lot of product I also manage
button ('Next' 

and 'previous')

The proble is : 

When I select some products from on page
and then I use the 

button 'next' or 'pervious I lose the
selected product of the last 


Is someone can help me and give me some
solution ??

for your help