[Zope-dev] localfs and zope 2.7 (was: Re: 2.7 assertion with CVS of that morning two)

2004-01-16 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
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[Zope-dev] zeo2.0.2 and zope2.6.1 trouble

2003-04-02 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
hi was at #zope, and hazmat recommended that i shoot the question here. i have a setup zope-2.6.1-src and zeo2.0.2, running on linuxx and python2.1.3 i'm using instance home, and currently there are errors in ZEO_SERVER.log[1] i'm not sure what else to do. i've run fsrecover.py from 2.5.1, and

[Zope-dev] zope-2.6.1+zeo-2.0.2 not trouble

2003-03-23 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
hi i've posted this to zope list, and got hints from dieter about the toby-clean-shutdown branch. i apologize if this is not appropriate. i'm restating the question again: since upgrading zope from 2.5.1 + zeo1, i've been having frequent zope/zeo client hanging/not responding. the setup: we