[Zope-dev] z3c:pagelet with template attribute error

2008-03-13 Thread Gaël Pasgrimaud
Hello, the z3c:pagelet directive have a strange behavior when you provide a template attribute. The template path is not resolved like in standard browser:page so when you try to call your pagelet you get a unicode is not callable error. I know that the way to associate a template to a pagelet

Re: [Zope-dev] Zope 3 without ZODB

2008-02-15 Thread Gaël Pasgrimaud
2008/2/15, Jim Washington [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Kapil Thangavelu wrote: try ore.wsgiapp in pypi, you provide a root utility and traversal begins from there, the zodb is never opened. the default publication looks up the app root via utility and traversal continues from there. i've been