[Zope-dev] problem to rename folder

2001-10-24 Thread Johan Beauce
Hello, I have a little problem. I use this function to rename an object in my site (file or folder). It work perfectly with file but I have an error when I try to rename a folder I think the error is from PARENT[0], so do you have a solution ??? dtml-let objRename=_.getattr(PARENTS[0],

[Zope-dev] COPY/PASTE problem

2001-10-04 Thread Johan Beauce
Hello, I would like to copy and paste file in my site. I created copy button with this code : dtml-let objCopy=_.getattr(PARENTS[0], idChk) dtml-call expr=objCopy.manage_copyObjects([idChk]) /dtml-let this code don't make an error, but I'm not sure that's work! I suppose that

[Zope-dev] update Zcatalog

2001-09-27 Thread Johan Beauce
Hello, I use Zcatalog to index my file. This file change often. They are deleted, added or modified. I have two choices to update my ZCatalog : first when I add a file, I add the file to the catalog (but it doesn't work) dtml-let docAdding=_.getattr(PARENTS[0], idName) dtml-call

[Zope-dev] Add a user to zope

2001-06-20 Thread Johan Beauce
Hello, I need your help. I'm trying to add all users from of our company in zope. I don't want enter all users and all passwords. I would like make a dtml-method which select all users and passwords in my (SQL) table and create automatically these users. I have created this dtml-method but I