2002-01-23 Thread Paul Erickson
All the user folders can be confusing, but I think in the long run, you'd be better off if you grabbed one and figured out how it worked. I've used LoginManager, and basically, I create a folder for my project, don't put the standard acl_users in it, because you want to create an object

Re: [Zope-dev] IE and Zope MIME type handling

2001-10-22 Thread Paul Erickson
I agree with solution #2. When I upload a .xls file from Mozilla on Linux, it also says that it is application/octet-stream. Even more annoying: Netscape 4.7.x says that it is application/, while Konqueror says application/ms-excel for the same file. For sites that want to

Re: [Zope-dev] ZSQL and Normalized databases (or why ZSQL sucks)

2001-04-19 Thread Paul Erickson
The Doctor What wrote: * The Doctor What ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [010419 11:57]: Does any one have an example of ZSQL being used witha normalized database? Or is ZSQL just useless? Near as I can tell, between: * Broken type marshalling * Loosing the variable between the form and

Re: [Zope-dev] RE: objectIds accessiblilty and a proposal

2000-12-18 Thread Paul Erickson
accessible to relay that information if it is needed. Thoughts? Brian Lloyd[EMAIL PROTECTED] Software Engineer 540.371.6909 Digital Creations -- Paul Erickson | [EMAIL PROTECTED] Kaivo, Inc. | www

Re: [Zope-dev] DTML processing variable

2000-11-10 Thread Paul Erickson
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Re: [Zope-dev] Tag DTML

2000-11-02 Thread Paul Erickson
I think that all you have to do is get your property out of md. ie: some_prop=md['some_prop'] Hello, I have coded my own DTML tag and i want to catch a property of the= folder where the DTML-Coded is. How can i do this??? from DocumentTemplate.DT_Util import * # useful parsing

[Zope-dev] Is this a ZClass/Propertysheet bug?

2000-10-06 Thread Paul Erickson
If I delete a property from a ZClass, the property still exists for each instance of the class (I can do a dtml-var to show it), but it doesn't show up on the management screens for either the class or the instance. I cannot add it back with the Properties tab - zope tells me that it is in use.

Re: [Zope-dev] date formatting / extracting substrings

2000-09-07 Thread Paul Erickson
, but it doesn't: dtml-call "REQUEST.set('MonthValue', _.substring(MonthID,5,2))" Any guidance would be appreciated. --- Jeff Nielsen "Where U Go Fast" -- Paul Erickson | [EM