Re: [Zope-dev] ExtensionClass and __radd__()?

2000-07-06 Thread Pavlos Christoforou
On Wed, 5 Jul 2000, Greg Ward wrote: Well, it's a nice theory. It doesn't explain why '__add__()' works for ExtensionClass while '__radd__()' does not; perhaps ExtensionClass implements that much of Python's class semantics, but doesn't go as far as '__radd__()'. A quick note which you

[Zope-dev] [ANN] FSSession-0-4-0

2000-06-29 Thread Pavlos Christoforou
FSSession 0-4-0 is available at: FSSession 0-4-0 corrects a bug in the transaction management. Now tpc_finish always succeeds and all the storing actions are performed in tpc_begin. tpc_finish simply performs a 'rename' operation which is atomic in