[Zope-dev] Data.fs ZEO

2001-07-03 Thread Priya Ramkumar
Hi I have installed Zope version 2.3.3 ZEO1.0. I would like to copy the Data.fs from my previous zope installation which is 2.2.4 to the new one. I copied the Data.fs, Data.fs.lock, Data.fs.tmp Data.fs.old from the old Zope to the var directory in the Instance_home directory. I start Zope from

[Zope-dev] CMF 1.1

2001-06-29 Thread Priya Ramkumar
Hi I have installed Zope2.3.3 with the INSTANCE_HOME SOFTWARE_HOME structure. The $INSTANCE_HOME has the directories var Products and also the files - zctl.py, access, custom_zodb.py and zope.conf. I followed the Advanced Production Site Setup with ZEO. by D Shaw. I have now installed CMF1.1