[Zope-dev] Feedback wanted on Zope/CMF/Plone product developing - you might really want to read this;-)

2002-12-11 Thread Wankyu Choi
of this week unless I find **really serious** flaws thanks to YOUR feedback. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Wankyu Choi --- To the dedicated staff at NeoQuest, language is not a problem to be dealt with, but an art waiting

[Zope-dev] Some basic questions on Zope performance/scalability

2002-09-09 Thread Wankyu Choi
seemingly stupid not to use ZODB for all the benefits it offers). Simply put, say you already have 300,000 users with tons of data for each of them and you want to put them and their data somewhere in and/or outside of Zope. What would you do? Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Wankyu Choi