[Zope-dev] Beginner doubts

2003-09-17 Thread Emiliano Marmonti
Hello all I'm newbie with Zope, ZODB and so on. First of all I have choiced Zope as application server and ZODB because I have to implement a bibliographical project that handles a lot of hierarchichal data, with need and will add in few months all the workflow related to send documents to a

Re: [Zope-dev] Beginner doubts

2003-09-17 Thread Andrew Bennetts
On Wed, Sep 17, 2003 at 04:07:01PM -0300, Emiliano Marmonti wrote: [...] File C:\Archivos de programa\Zope\lib\python\App\Product.py, line 44, in ? from Factory import Factory ImportError: cannot import name Factory -- end of python My problem is that if I could not