Re: [Zope-dev] Image Archive Project (phase 2)

2001-04-10 Thread Michael R. Bernstein
"Michael R. Bernstein" wrote: Ok, so what's next? Somehow, ArchiveImages must be made aware of what Renderings they have. The ArchiveImage Specialist needs a getRenderingIds() Python Script, which in turn calls container.Renderings.getRenderingIdsFor(). Now I'm stuck. How do I select

[Zope-dev] Image Archive Project (phase 2)

2001-04-09 Thread Michael R. Bernstein
Ok, I now have the following setup: ArchiveImages (Specialist) defaultRack traversal (SkinScript) traversal_method (Python Script) Renderings (Specialist) defaultRack The SkinScript in ArchiveImages/defaultRack simply points __bobo_traverse__ to traversal_method. traversal_method, in