Re: [Zope-dev] Problems with ZODB and persistence

2003-09-25 Thread Chris Withers
Emiliano Marmonti wrote: class Autores: def __init__( self, file='dcAuthor.fs' ): self.file= file self.db = ZODB.DB( FileStorage( file ) ) This is BAD. The level you're writing stuff at, let Zope take care of the storages, you just stick to writing application code ;-) If

[Zope-dev] Problems with ZODB and persistence

2003-09-18 Thread Emiliano Marmonti
Hello all Finally could find where and how to add indexes in the actual way (think so). Now I have another problem that have no idea how to fix it. Could add objects into a ZODB separate database, could add the catalog and the index, but when the database has one element, with every operation