Re: [Zope-dev] portal_actions via listFilteredActionsFor

2004-09-02 Thread Chris Withers
This is a question for a plone list. But you'll probably need to understand Zope's security machinery better to get a handle on what you need to do. Read this: cheers, Chris PS: Please note, this list is for development OF, not

[Zope-dev] portal_actions via listFilteredActionsFor

2004-09-01 Thread Krzysztof Kubacki
Hallo, I have the problem. Zope 2.7.0, Plone-2.0.3, Linux I list actions from portal_actions actions python: here.portal_actions.listFilteredActionsFor(here) I recive a list with actions. Depending on kind of logged user I recive that list in diffrent count.I mean that when I'm Manager