[Zope-dev] ZCatalog glitches

2000-08-20 Thread Dieter Maurer
The Zope 2.1.6 ZCatalog was not bad but had a set of glitches. The Zope 2.2.1b1 ZCatalog (CVS from 2000-8-19) is much better but still has a set of glitches: * UnTextIndex(349) breaks, if the lexicon lookup returns the empty tuple -- "index out of range". * UnTextIndex(349) only looks at

[Zope-dev] LoginManager.

2000-08-20 Thread Terje Malmedal
Can anybody please provide a simple example of a working usersource written in python? I've written this, but it just does not work, all that happens is that it writes opened to /tmp/source.log class USER: "Just a little test" name= None roles = [ 'Anonymous' , 'member' ]