[Zope-dev] Zope 2.5: User limit for Local Security Role assignment list

2001-09-28 Thread Matthew T. Kromer
One of the things Zope 2.5 is going to do is limit the answers that are available from a user folder when presenting the local role dialog; this will prevent humongous lists from displaying and instead show a simple text box where a user ID can be typed. However, for existing user folders,

Re: [Zope-dev] how to accept an arbitrary parameter/anti-NIMDA script

2001-09-28 Thread Florent Guillaume
You can use a **kw argument in a Python Script. Florent Guillaume Nuxeo marc lindahl [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm looking at how to get this anti-NIMDA script to work in zope ( http://pc.xs4all.nl/default.ida) The thing is, it's called with a parameter (trying to cause a buffer

[Zope-dev] Re: [Zope] Z SQL Methods appear broken in 2.4.x

2001-09-28 Thread Andreas Jung
This works for me (Zope 2.4 branch, ZMysqlDA). Do you have a traceback ? Andreas - Original Message - From: Joseph J Wolff [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Friday, September 28, 2001 15:56 Subject: [Zope] Z SQL Methods appear broken

SV: [Zope-dev] Web Services for Zope

2001-09-28 Thread Magnus Heino (Rivermen)
Well... the status is that I'm trying to work on it on an as-possible basis :) The problem is that it hasn't been very possible for the last few weeks. If you just need to generate WSDL and you're willing to live on the bleeding edge and use some code that might still change a lot in

[Zope-dev] python 2 Win32 binary for LocalFS

2001-09-28 Thread kent sin
Does anyone have the win32wnet.pyd work with python2? Can someone upgrade the localfs product? Or are there better replacement available? Rgs, Kent Sin __ Do You Yahoo!? Listen to your Yahoo! Mail messages from any phone. http://phone.yahoo.com

Re: [Zope-dev] KeyError on UnIndex.keyForDocument

2001-09-28 Thread Florent Guillaume
I had something like that. It turned out that I was doing a catalog query, sorting on an index that didn't exist on some of the objects. I made sure the index existed on all my objects. But still I'd be inclined to consider this a bug. Florent Guillaume Nuxeo Morten W. Petersen [EMAIL

[Zope-dev] testing types in PythonScripts

2001-09-28 Thread Steve Alexander
I have a variable, f. The value of f might be a list, or it might be a string. I want to do different things to f depending what type it is. How do I check its type from a PythonScript? I can't use type(), as this opens up a security hole with Extension Classes, where the type is the class.

Re: [Zope-dev] Zope on Windows/Mac OS X: BatteriesIncludedDistribution

2001-09-28 Thread Paul Everitt
Whew, what a proposal and what a good sign! As several have noted, there are quite a few proposals in the fishbowl that deal with different aspects of the problems. There's also a draft proposal that we had here in ZC that expands on the items. Finally, there appear to be a few pieces of

Re: [Zope-dev] testing types in PythonScripts

2001-09-28 Thread Florent Guillaume
Python Script has a same_type(x,y) function. Florent Guillaume Nuxeo Steve Alexander [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a variable, f. The value of f might be a list, or it might be a string. I want to do different things to f depending what type it is. How do I check its type from a

[Zope-dev] Re: [DISCUSS] Committer agreement not even handed and threadening

2001-09-28 Thread Paul Everitt
Dieter Maurer wrote: Paul Everitt writes: http://dev.zope.org/CVS/Contributor.pdf The Committer Agreement does not seem to be even handed: The committer transfers rights immediately and indefinitely to Zope Corporation (the contributions become a gift to Zope