[Zope-dev] Zope Tests: 5 OK

2008-03-20 Thread Zope Tests Summarizer
Summary of messages to the zope-tests list. Period Wed Mar 19 12:00:00 2008 UTC to Thu Mar 20 12:00:00 2008 UTC. There were 5 messages: 5 from Zope Tests. Tests passed OK --- Subject: OK : Zope-2.8 Python-2.3.6 : Linux From: Zope Tests Date: Wed Mar 19 21:55:38 EDT 2008 URL:

Re: [Zope-dev] Building / installing Zope on AIX 5.3

2008-03-20 Thread Andreas Jung
--On 19. März 2008 09:31:42 -0300 Marcello Bax [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I compiled Python 2.4.4 on AIX 5.3, with cc_r compiler, installed Zope-2.9.8and Plone-2.5.1. Everything seems work well, excepted when I call Plone on the browser or click on the view tab inside one Plone site

Re: [Zope-dev] zope.sendmail grantma-retryfixes branch review

2008-03-20 Thread Chris Withers
Marius Gedminas wrote: +Process results of an SMTP error + returns True to indicate break needed The standard docstring convention is to do this: Process results of an SMTP error. Returns True to indicate break needed. This standard