[Zope-dev] Zope Tests: 4 OK, 2 Failed

2008-11-09 Thread Zope Tests Summarizer
Summary of messages to the zope-tests list. Period Sat Nov 8 12:00:00 2008 UTC to Sun Nov 9 12:00:00 2008 UTC. There were 6 messages: 6 from Zope Tests. Test failures - Subject: FAILED (failures=2) : Zope-trunk Python-2.4.5 : Linux From: Zope Tests Date: Sat Nov 8 20:36:49 EST

Re: [Zope-dev] catalog performance: query plan

2008-11-09 Thread Matt Hamilton
Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com writes: I would be interested in seeing a bunch of Gurus sit down at some sprint and trying to come up with a catalog engine that is incremental and uses query plans. There is no reason that would not be stupidly fast. :) We can then make a new catalog

[Zope-dev] problem with svn commit on svn.zope.org: read-only file-system???

2008-11-09 Thread Gary Poster
$ svn commit -m '[message omitted]' Sendingsrc/zope/testbrowser/cookies.py Sendingsrc/zope/testbrowser/cookies.txt Transmitting file data ..svn: Commit failed (details follow): svn: Can't create directory '/svn/repos/main/db/transactions/ 92837-1.txn': Read-only file system $ svn

Re: [Zope-dev] catalog performance: query plan

2008-11-09 Thread Roché Compaan
On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 11:32 -0500, Alan Runyan wrote: I agree with Tres. A lot more can be done with Indexes and Catalog without caching. The most exiciting development in Catalog optimizations comes out Jarn. Helge Tesdal (iirc) did a buncha work at a RDBMS company when he was in

[Zope-dev] [EMAIL PROTECTED] linking to svn.zope.org

2008-11-09 Thread Andreas Jung
Hi there, I have package with a dependency to zope.schema. Setuptools tries to install zope.schema from svn.zope.org (which is currently down) instead of fetching the sdist/egg directly from PyPI. [EMAIL