[Zope-dev] How to add a SessionID to each page

2000-10-04 Thread Loibl Johann
Hi, I would like to add a SessionID at the end of each requested URL because I would like to know which pages were requested by one user in one session. For example like AMAZON does it: www.amazon.com/books?SessionID=123456 http://www.amazon.com/books?SessionID=123456 My problem: There are to

[Zope-dev] automatical login procedure

2000-10-06 Thread Loibl Johann
Hi, now I know how to generate a user in the acl_user folder via dtml-var "acl_users.manage_users('Add',REQUEST,RESPONSE)" Now, how to login a user automatically via DTML? Thanks to all readers and perhaps writers :-) ___ Zope-Dev maillist -

[Zope-dev] Zope Error: You are not authorized to access this resource

2000-10-25 Thread Loibl Johann
Hi, do anyone know how to generate my own error message if there is a authorization problem? The standard_error_message.html do not influence the response from zope. Thanks, Hannes ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[Zope-dev] How to use methods in a deeper folder?

2000-10-26 Thread Loibl Johann
Hi, I would like to use a SQL-Method which exists in a deeper folder; e.g. in dtml-Method /eins/zwei/index_html there exists dtml-in "/eins/zwei/drei/sqlMethod" dtml-var something /dtml-in and my sqlMethod is situated in folder /eins/zwei/drei/ Why doesn't this work? Could someone

[Zope-dev] ZPatterns

2000-10-30 Thread Loibl Johann
Hi, I have trouble to install ZPatterns. I don't understand the following: After unpacking the ZPatterns product, you will need to build this extension using the included 'Setup' file in the ZPatterns directory. If you are not building ZPatterns in the lib/python/Products directory of your