Re: [Zope-dev] HowTo: trying to acces only the form elements in the REQUEST ...

2001-03-13 Thread Siggy Brentrup
dex: dtml-var sequence-key=dtml-var sequence-item /dtml-in dtml-else No parameters given! /dtml-if Regards Siggy -- Siggy Brentrup - [EMAIL PROTECTED] - ** ceterum censeo javascriptum esse restrictam *** ___

[Zope-dev] Apology for accidental spamming :-(

2002-10-13 Thread Siggy Brentrup
Hello, in an attempt to transfer the contents of a mailbox to another location, I made a big mistake resulting in a lot of messages being resent to their original receipients. Please kindly accept my apologies, it will not happen again. Siggy Brentrup -- Log