[Zope-dev] Product Icon

2001-10-05 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
I am currently working on a product which has the sole purpose of referencing other objects. One of the properties is the path to another Zope object. Then methods are defined like getObject(), getPath(). We use it as a way to manage news and events that show on several sites that opperate on

Re: [Zope-dev] Product Icon

2001-10-05 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
know. --Brian Why not use the Catalog for this? e.g. in the CMF, there's 'Topic' which does basically that. From: brian.r.brinegar.1 [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 16:04:36 -0500 (EST) To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [Zope-dev] Product Icon I am currently working

[Zope-dev] ZCatalog UnpickleableError

2001-10-18 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
Under a 2.4.1 install I recieve the following error while trying to add a ZCatalog. Traceback (innermost last): File /data/www/Zope/src/Zope-2.4.1-src/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 223, in publish_module File /data/www/Zope/src/Zope-2.4.1-src/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line

[Zope-dev] PathIndex

2001-11-21 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
The search method of PathIndex class returns varying types depending on the success of the search. If the search fails a list object is returned, if the search succeeds an object of type BTrees.IIBTree.IISet is returned. This causes a problem in _apply_index in PathIndex when PathIndex tries

[Zope-dev] User Groups

2001-12-11 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
I've found that it would be very useful to be able to define groups of users and then grant a local role to that group rather than individual users. For example we have multiple groups working together on our Zope installation and there are certian objects my group may want to share with another

[Zope-dev] Zope 2.5b3 Management Tabs

2002-01-09 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
I've noticed in a fresh install Zope 2.5b3 management tabs which users do not have access to view show up. In the past only management tabs that a user had permission to view the associated action showed up. Is this a known issue? or a new feature? --Brian Brinegar ECN Web Technician MSEE

[Zope-dev] Permissions

2002-05-10 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
Hello, I would like to setup the security on a Zope server such that a user can edit permissions on something they own, but not grant more permissions than what they have acquired from the parent. If a user owns a folder they could grant Owner any permissions they want inside of that folder

[Zope-dev] ExternalEditor Windows

2002-05-21 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
Hello, I'm working on porting Casey Duncans ExternalEditor helper application to work with Windows. I've got some stuff working, but it's far from complete. I was wondering if anyone else was working on this? I would hate to be duplicating efforts, but I would love to help. -Brian

Re: [Zope-dev] ExternalEditor Windows

2002-05-22 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
On Tue, 21 May 2002, Casey Duncan wrote: I totally agree. And I still intend to deliver one that runs native on windows, probably just using the windows scripting host. This version will hopefully tide people over for the time being. -Casey I've started a VB Script version for the

Re: [Zope-dev] ExternalEditor Windows

2002-05-22 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
On Wed, 22 May 2002, Behrens Matt - Grand Rapids wrote: brian.r.brinegar.1 wrote: I've started a VB Script version for the Windows Scripting Host. Right now I'm in the proof of concept stage. I've got something that opens a file, spawns an editor, gets the process id, and can PUT a file

[Zope-dev] ZopeTime Warp

2002-07-08 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
Zope Version (Zope 2.5.1 (source release, python 2.1, linux2), python 2.1.3, linux2) Python Version 2.1.3 (#1, May 15 2002, 15:52:42) [GCC 2.95.4 20011002 (Debian prerelease) I've got this script which returns strange results: print context.ZopeTime() print

[Zope-dev] DCOracle2 Binding Array

2002-08-09 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
While using the DCOracle2 module outside of Zope I recieve the following traceback: Traceback (most recent call last): File /dev/fd/4, line 206, in ? File /dev/fd/4, line 206, in ? File ./modules/Calendar.py, line 193, in dayGroupView reservation = Reservation(conflict) File

[Zope-dev] WebDAV access for DTML Methods and Documents

2002-08-15 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
Hello, This may be something that cannot easily be fixed, but the permission FTP Access is required for a user to have WebDAV Access to an object. Since the method is shared by FTP and WebDAV a more general permission name should be used. Thanks, -Brian

[Zope-dev] ZEO, FileStorage, and Undo

2002-08-20 Thread brian.r.brinegar.1
Hello, We have a large FileStorage database ~5 gigs. When any of our users click would the Undo tab in a management screen the request would eventually time out and our ZopeWatch script would restart the server. Well this didn't happen every time, it only happens if 20 transactions haven't