[Zope-dev] ExternalEditor 0.3??

2002-06-14 Thread Adam Manock
Today, I was planning to see if I could create a single zopeedit.py that works on both unix and W32.. Looking in CVS I saw that Casey has been busy, and that this is one of many things that have been done already. I also noticed that you were up kinda late last night Casey?!? :-) Anyway,

Re: [Zope-dev] ExternalEditor 0.3??

2002-06-14 Thread Casey Duncan
0.3 is just about ready. I have asked some ppl to help me with testing, since I only (reluctantly 8^) have win98 to test on. So far so good. I plan to do more testing (I've been using it today on Unix with no ill effect). This weekend I plan to update the documentation to reflect the many