Re: [Zope-dev] IE5 / Medusa bug?

2000-12-17 Thread Dieter Maurer
seb bacon writes: IE does not get last 11 bytes - it's always the last 11 bytes that are missing, however large the page is - I've sent exact copies of the HTTP headers to the server, using telnet, and there's no problem there I made the experience that IE is very

[Zope-dev] IE5 / Medusa bug?

2000-12-14 Thread seb bacon
Tempting fate by claiming a bug...but although I'm sure I'm at fault here, there's no sensible reason for the results I'm getting. When I view one of several different pages with IE5, the last 11 bytes don't reach the browser. I've got a couple of other people to try it out. One of them