RE: [Zope-dev] anon http svn access status?

2007-03-07 Thread sean.upton
So: will anon http svn access happen? I'm late to this round of the discussion, but +1. I would suggest https, though, to make it firewall-friendly. Even if this is an anonymous mirror (sounds more likely), it would make sense for community bundle builders (e.g. Plone bundles) to use https

Re: [Zope-dev] anon http svn access status?

2007-02-08 Thread Wichert Akkerman
Previously Reinout van Rees wrote: plone's svn has a read-only mirror at google code now, perhaps that's a good option for, too? That's not true at this moment. Right now we have, which is hosted on the other server (we have two at the moment). We