Re: [Zope-PAS] Re: Test fixes for pre-1.1 release

2005-06-17 Thread Janko Hauser
Am 17.06.2005 um 17:55 schrieb Zachery Bir: I'm working on the head with some unchecked-in changes. The current head incorporates the initial work in demangling ids. Thanks for the info. __Janko ___ Zope-PAS mailing list

Re: [Zope-PAS] Re: Moving PAS and PluginRegistry to SVN?

2005-10-09 Thread Janko Hauser
Am 09.10.2005 um 23:11 schrieb Jens Vagelpohl: On 9 Oct 2005, at 19:46, Rocky Burt wrote: What is the timeframe on this being done? Just so I know when to update my development versions of PAS. - Rocky Jens Vagelpohl wrote: I would volunteer to move both the PluggableAuthService

Re: [Zope-PAS] Domainauth

2006-06-22 Thread Janko Hauser
understand, the actual authentication is done later. So if the cookie-plugin does not found an appropriate cookie it redirects to the login-page and the domain_auth plugin is never used? With regards and thanks for the help, __Janko -- Janko Hauser email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] mobile

Re: [Zope-PAS] Re: Domainauth

2006-06-22 Thread Janko Hauser
'] = request.get('REMOTE_ADDR', '') return creds So actually the question is, if the test for credentials is needed at all at this place. I will further look into this, but thanks to Tres and ZAC to lead me to this place. With regards, __Janko -- Janko Hauser email: [EMAIL