Re: [Zope3-Users] Re: Blog naming proposals

2007-06-13 Thread Fernando Correa Neto
Hey, On 6/6/07, Lennart Regebro [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 6/2/07, Martin Aspeli [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: FWIW, I think it'd sound a lot less like a tool for l33t teenagers if it didn't have the Z in it, but otherwise a good choice of name. :) So, it needs to be N01z3, then. :-) Me speek

[Zope3-Users] Re: Blog naming proposals

2007-06-13 Thread Martijn Faassen
Vinny wrote: Florian Lindner wrote: One thing still missing is a good name. A name that quickly comes to my mind is zBlog but which is not very fancy. What ideas have you for Zope3 blog package, what would you choose? If you are using any of the 'Grok' stuff then you might consider