[Zope3-Users] make check

2005-10-26 Thread Paul Dumais
Hi all, I have one error: Ran 6991 tests in 333.025s FAILED (failures=1) when doing make check on a Zope-3.1.0 build on Ubuntu Linux. In short it is: Failure in test testRunIgnoresParentSignals (zdaemon.tests.testzdrun.ZDaemonTest s) Traceback (most recent call last): File

Re: [Zope3-Users] make check

2005-10-26 Thread Paul Dumais
Sent this using the wrong account: On 10/26/05, Paul Dumais [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Jim, The execute bit seems OK: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root59 2005-10-02 12:48 donothing.sh I get more errors if I run as root (the above one included). Ubuntu does something tricky to the root account

Re: [Zope3-Users] make check

2005-10-27 Thread Paul Dumais
That was at: /usr/local/Zope-3.1.0/lib/python/zdaemon/tests/ The one at: /home/paul/Zope-3.1.0/build/lib.linux-i686-2.4/zdaemon/tests/donothing.sh did not have the permissions set. I changed it, ran the tests and all passed! Ran 6991 tests in 263.891s OK So it seems that the -x bits are are

[Zope3-Users] /++apidoc++

2005-10-28 Thread Paul Dumais
Hi all, I have installed both the release version and the svn checkout version of the latest Zope3. I notice that the /++apidoc++ page is not available in the checked out version. It worked fine in the release. How can I debug this for my install? I noticed that I did not make an instance this

[Zope3-Users] Re: Zope3-users Digest, Vol 15, Issue 31

2006-01-19 Thread Paul Dumais
I noticied that the installation documentation does not explicitly explain how to install SchooBell within an existing Zope3 installation (though it says this is possible). Could someone give a brief overview of how this is done? Would I be better off contacting the SchoolBell developers?

[Zope3-Users] Minor Doc Bug

2006-02-05 Thread Paul Dumais
I'm quite new to zope and python, I would like to submit a minor documentation bug. The zope/app/demo/hellopackage/README.txt mentions the products.zcml which is now depreciated. I assume it should mention a different zcml file (or none since it seems to be installed/available for use by default).

[Zope3-Users] Example Apps for Newbies

2006-02-05 Thread Paul Dumais
I was wondering about good example apps for newbies. I have a possible list: These are in the trunk Zope3 svn checkout: - buddy folder - Bug Tracker - Demo Widgets - Hello World - Wiki This one might be good to install: -

Re: [Zope3-Users] Zope 3 Developer's LiveBook

2006-02-14 Thread Paul Dumais
! Paul On 2/14/06, Stephan Richter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Tuesday 14 February 2006 12:15, Paul Dumais wrote: Do we start from scratch? I think you have to, because both current books have licenses that do not allow any other commercial use. Can we use any of the material from Stephan

[Zope3-Users] Re: Zope 3 Developer's LiveBook

2006-03-06 Thread Paul Dumais
be if you could suggest where in the zope 3 book you envision seeing your info. A cherry on top would be if you could update the information for the current release. Thanks and good night. Paul Dumais ___ Zope3-users mailing list Zope3-users@zope.org