[Zope] Ann: ZGDChart 0.4.2.b

2000-09-16 Thread Chui Tey
ZGDChart with more chart styles, data from non-SQL sources, plus Linux binaries. Also, gone are the original poxy colors on the charts. Now with relaxing shades of pastel. See the samples and grab the files at: http://www.zope.org/Members/teyc/ZGDChart/index_html All credits for this release

Re: [Zope] repost of ImplicitAcquirerWrapper

2000-09-16 Thread Martijn Pieters
On Fri, Sep 15, 2000 at 07:03:35PM -0400, Chalu Kim wrote: Has anyone run into this problem? Zope Error Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. Error Type: SystemError Error Value: Failed to import class ImplicitAcquirerWrapper from module Acquisition

Re: [Zope] Using GUF (generic user folder) under 2.2.x?

2000-09-16 Thread Danny William Adair
Hi! I've experienced the same problem with GUF (which is why I am desperately waiting for the LoginManager HOWTO). Everything looks fine first, but the login screen will keep reappearing. Which part of the walkthrough could be out of date, the password? ;-) Maybe you could say a word or two

[Zope] ANNOUNCE: KM|Net News 1.1.1

2000-09-16 Thread Kevin Dangoor
Hi, I've had a few reports of trouble with KM|Net News and Zope 2.2. I have fixed the reported problem, but have not extensively tested KMNN with Zope 2.2. If you're using KMNN with Zope 2.2, you can pick up the new release here: http://www.zope.org/Members/taz/kmnn Kevin

[Zope] set date property from External Method

2000-09-16 Thread Gijs Reulen
Hi I would like to set a property with type 'date' from an External Method. Because the properties all seem to be saved as a string, in Python I do: self.prop_datetime = time.strftime('%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S.000 GMT+1',time.localtime(time.time())) This results in a optically (!) correct value

Re: [Zope] ZOPE - Size reduction ???

2000-09-16 Thread Bill Anderson
George wrote: I recently transformed my web site into a zope site. It's fantastic no question about that but I am a bit warried about the size of the web site. I already had to ask for user quota increase and it looks like I'll have to do it again soon. I got rid of the tutorial, products I

Re: [Zope] Ann: ZGDChart 0.4.2.b

2000-09-16 Thread Joachim Schmitz
there two small bugs in "addZGDChart.dtml" which causes it to display only a white page at least under netscape: here is the diff: 7,10d6 table trtd width="10%"/td td 37c33 --- /form On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, Chui Tey wrote: ZGDChart with more chart styles, data from non-SQL sources, plus

[Zope] Zope to PostgreSQL Connection?

2000-09-16 Thread Cesar A. K. Grossmann
Hi I'm with some troubles to connect a freshly installed Zope 2.2.1 on a Conectiva Linux 5.0 (glibc-2.1.2, the rest is the same as Red Hat 6.x) to a PostgreSQL 7.0.2 database. The ZPyGreSQLDA (http://www.zope.org/Members/reedstrm/ZPyGreSQLDA-rjr) "is broken". I tried to get the PoPyDA working,

[Zope] Dynamically render DTML?

2000-09-16 Thread Mark N. Gibson
Is it possible to return dtml from python, and have it rendered correctly on the page? for example, the python might look like this... def get_header(somevar=1): if somevar==1: return 'dtml-var standard_html_header' else: return 'dtml-var other_html_header' The dtml document in the

Re: [Zope] Zope to PostgreSQL Connection?

2000-09-16 Thread Dieter Maurer
Cesar A. K. Grossmann writes: I'm with some troubles to connect to a PostgreSQL 7.0.2 database. The ZPyGreSQLDA (http://www.zope.org/Members/reedstrm/ZPyGreSQLDA-rjr) "is broken". Trying to compile PoPy 1.3.6: [root@bit PoPy-1.3.6]# ./configure Warning: next test

Re: [Zope-dev] ZPatterns based CD example. Halfway there! Need help

2000-09-16 Thread Steve Alexander
James Johnson wrote: I've got the storage entry part down. I can't seem to get the data out. It seems to me that I would put an Index_html method in the specialist but I get a aq_base error when trying to put one in. So I put it in my ZClass dataskin. Here is the code I'm using below.

[Zope-dev] Re: Re: [Zope-dev] ZPatterns based CD example. Halfway there! Need help

2000-09-16 Thread James Johnson
another person had this problem earlier. It may have been because they used quotes like dtml-var "foo". It should be dtml-var foo. I get the same keyerror on foo?. I actually had ended up with the code you just gave from previous post. There must be a problem if others have had keyerrors.

[Zope-dev] Easy grammatical mistakes to avoid

2000-09-16 Thread Ross Boylan
In the draft Zope book, as well as numerous other places on the Zope site (including particularly documentation by Product authors), "it's" appears as the possessive, as in "Python Methods script and extend Zope in it's native object-oriented language..." "It's" = It is "Its" = belonging to it

[Zope-dev] Comments on security, ch 5 and related issues

2000-09-16 Thread Ross Boylan
I think it's great you're working on the documentation; Zope really needs it. The comments below started from Ch 5 of the draft Zope Book, but I think wander into some general issues about the security design, rather than your presentation. It is surprising that users can't change their own

[Zope-dev] Misc. comments on the Zope book

2000-09-16 Thread Ross Boylan
I have a feeling that covering programming/scripting in any satisfactory way is another book-length volume; it might be better to omit it. However, the book on programming is the one I'd like to see! At the moment, programming Zope seems like voodoo. Should this book cover installation issues?

Re: [Zope-dev] HiperDOM xmlc

2000-09-16 Thread Dieter Maurer
Shane Hathaway writes: [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The only thing I _don't_ feel good about this kind of template is that, in practice, we will probably lose the benefits of things like dtml-var standard_html_header - meaning, when you want to change the header of your site, you'll