Re: [Zope] External method and stdout

2000-09-05 Thread Andreas Pauley
For some reason you have to "return" everything that should be available to zope. You can return a sequence and loop through it with DTML or you can build a variable with everything you want to display and then return the variable. I have no idea why this is so, and why you can't just the print

[Zope] Form Validation

2000-09-06 Thread Andreas Pauley
Hi, I see you can let Zope do basic form validation for you by appending ":string" or ":int" to your form name. The error messages that are displayed are not that clear, however. How can I get more control over what happens when an error occurs? (e.g. I'd like to be able to get back a

[Zope] Passing parameters to external methods

2000-09-13 Thread Andreas Pauley
Hi, I need to pass some parameters to my external methods. I have an external method that looks (somewhat) like this: def extAccess(self, accttype_cde): return accttype_cde In the following dtml code, the following statement (with the SQL method) works fine: dtml-if

[Zope] Zope User in Apache Logs

2006-05-02 Thread Andreas Pauley
Hi all, I've been going through the list archives looking for tips on logging (getting sensible statistics from my log files). At the moment I have the setup recommended by most posts, namely multiple Apache virtual hosts that proxies requests to a single Zope instance. I would like to know

Re: [Zope] Zope User in Apache Logs

2006-05-02 Thread Andreas Pauley
Andreas Pauley wrote: I would like to know how I can get Apache to log the current Zope user. Here's an example from my Apache access_log: - - [02/May/2006:15:32:18 +0200] GET / HTTP/1.1 200 35721 Which results in this entry from my Z2.log: - adp [02/May/2006:15:32:21

Re: [Zope-PAS] New to PAS

2006-06-28 Thread Andreas Pauley
Jeff Peterson wrote: Chris McDonough wrote: I'm afraid there's nowhere to go from here except to read the existing plugins and peruse the interfaces to get a sense of what hooks your code needs to provide to be a PAS plugin. I searched a bit to try to find some example code that uses