Re: [Zope] Re: ZEO and Sessions.

2005-04-15 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 4/14/05, Richard Jones [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 10:21 am, Tres Seaver wrote: Richard Jones wrote: Yeah, I remember poking around that code way back, and it seemed reasonable. Its interactions with transactions are

Re: [Zope] Organisational vs. Functional hierarchies

2005-04-20 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 4/21/05, David Given [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The actual amount of code I want to write is minimal; it looks like what I'll have is a subclass of File that processes its content and passes it as a parameter into a page template on itself. (What I actually want is a lightweight

[Zope] Re: Zeo

2005-04-26 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 4/27/05, ken wood [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've searched most site that have info on ZEO but have not been able to find answers to my questions on install for ZEO. Maybe someone on the list can help. I am running Zope 2.7 (with Plone site) on a Win'03 Server. I would like to run ZEO

[Zope] Re: Zeo

2005-04-27 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 4/27/05, ken wood [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey guys, I appreciate all the great tips on the cionfiguration issue. But my main issue is about infrastructure: Which hardware and / or operating systems can be used for a Zope/Zeo system. In particular, can I run a Zope instance on my

[Zope] zope-2.8b1, zclass and five documentation

2005-04-27 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
that's a mouthful subject :P i've downloaded and installed zope 2.8 b1. wondered whether zclass is still b0rked in zope2.8r1. nothing mentioned in the CHANGES.txt. probably is. created zclasses ok. however instantiating the zclass requires authentication that will never go thru. since

Re: [Zope] From Zope 2.5.1 to Zope 2.7.6

2005-06-22 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 6/22/05, Tim Suter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am upgrading our current Zope from 2.5.1 to Zope 2.7.6. I have the new version installed as a different instance on a different server. The Zope 2.5.1 is in tact and what I am wondering is, how do you migrate everything from the older to the

Re: [Zope] ZPT tutorial

2005-06-22 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
I'm sufficiently aware of Zope to know it provides a far more comprehensive build environment than PHP ever will and I would like to adopt it as my platform of choice, but it would be nice if the ZOPE support community was as newbie-friendly as the PHP crowd. Loads of tutorials and worked

Re: [Zope] Calendar for Zope

2005-06-29 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 6/29/05, John Poltorak [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I quite like Plone's Calendar, but need something similar for Zope. Any recommendations? just like peterb's corpcalendar, SempoiCalendar also depends on CalendarTag. and an rdb it;s old, at v 0.0.0, but works for me. ymmv

Re: [Zope] Apache 2 + Zope can't gzip HTTP response body?

2005-07-03 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 7/3/05, Daniel Dekany [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can I use HTTP Content-Encoding: gzip for Zope if I use Apache 2? (And should I use gzip content-encoding?) The mod_gzip doesn't work with Apache 2, but instead it has mod_deflate. But mod_deflate can't chose which responses to gzip based on

Re: [Zope] Helpdesk/Call Logging in Plone

2005-07-11 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 7/10/05, Adam Acord [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm looking for ideas on how to implement a call logging/helpdesk ticketing system utilizing Plone. Any ideas? Before everyone responds try PloneCollector, I'm looking into it. However, I need some ideas, as I'm new to Plone (researched last

Re: [Zope] Forcing Zope transaction commit

2005-07-19 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 7/19/05, David H [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi list, At times (it seems) necessary to force a Zope transaction commit. This might occur between two zSQL calls where the second depends on the first's *SQL* transaction's availability but the first has not yet been commited because the

Re: [Zope] site and limited search results

2005-08-16 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 8/16/05, Jaroslav Lukesh [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear zopistas, few times ago I was few times wrote to ZC webmaster about limited query to Zope Products search results (see attached picture) - in any case it does not find more than 200 results. Nothing to do. If somebody has enough power

Re: [Zope] Strange warning after removing products

2005-09-10 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 9/10/05, Martin Koekenberg [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: snip But I still get the following warnings ?2005-09-10 16:49:05 WARNING ZODB Could not import class 'PlacelessTranslationService' from module'Products.PlacelessTranslationService.PlacelessTranslationService'2005-09-10 16:49:05 WARNING ZODB

Re: [Zope] Problem with Photo Folder

2005-09-13 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 9/13/05, David [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 12 Sep 2005, at 18:45, Peter Bengtsson wrote: Just checking... sure you've got sufficient hardrive space? Yes, unless 3 Gigs (on a SCSI RAID) is not enough for these kind of things. check /tmp, /var/tmp. is there enogh space there? the traceback points

Re: [Zope] Re: ZAjax anyone?

2005-10-10 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 10/10/05, Greg Fischer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ok, after further investigation, Tim Morgan's React is not exactly what I am looking for. That said, his work is outstanding, and I think it's awesome! It's like Ruby On Rails implemented (better IMHO) in Zope! Very cool! However, I think what I

Re: [Zope] NameError in Zope Tutorial Lesson 8

2005-10-10 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 10/9/05, Norbert Kaufmann [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello listmembers,I am fairly new to Zope and turning debugging on and googling a lot doesnot lead me to the solution of the problem.Learning Zope I got this error trying out lesson 8(cont.):--snip-- Error Type: NameErrorError Value: global

Re: [Zope] Zope 2.7.8 or Zope 2.8.X

2005-10-13 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 10/14/05, Dennis Allison [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: We have been running on Zope 2.7.6 with a few patches.I am now planningto migrate to Zope 2.7.8 but am pondering the move to Zope 2.8.We are ina production situation and cannot accept any downtime, so I am very concerned about stability and

Re: [Zope] Check Interval

2005-11-21 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 11/19/05, Kozloski, Matthew E [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a fairly large zope installation (thousands of users, ~130Gcombined zeo storages) and have been playing with the check interval.Ihave a single Xeon 3.2 that runs the show (both ZEO and Zope).I notice that when I set the

Re: [Zope] Re: Zope Calendar

2005-12-04 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
I wanted something which looks like Plone Calendar - this has a howto (or is it in the readme), and with the necessary css, can look pretty much like plone's hth ___ Zope maillist -

Re: [Zope] Re: Leave the ivory tower now!

2005-12-24 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid HowTos are something between 1000 and 3000 documents. Everyonewanting to help to review and consolidate that information is welcome to send a note to [EMAIL PROTECTED] or to the zope-web mailing list ( MichaelI think you are wrong , on Zope site it say's - Zope

Re: [Zope] Re: Leave the ivory tower now!

2005-12-28 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 12/27/05, Michael Haubenwallner [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Andrew Sawyers wrote: On Sun, 2005-12-25 at 10:03 +0800, Bakhtiar A Hamid wrote:The 'closed group' dissolved a while ago.that's sad(?)anything came out of the group?i think we need to do to what we did to zope2.ignore

Re: [Zope] NewBee, Do I have to code to do this?

2006-01-19 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 1/20/06, John Huttley [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sorry should have added its zope 2.8 under windows--johnJohn Huttley wrote: Hi, I'm recoding an existing php e-commerce app in zope as my first project I'm at the point where I've installed the exUserFolder product to authenticate against an

Re: [Zope] Zope and Sqlite3 adapter

2006-01-21 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 1/21/06, David Pratt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Dieter. Many thanks. :-) I was hoping there might be something but ifI cannot locate anything existing, I will likely go this route if I canfind a bit more time. isn't this it?

Re: [Zope] Error importing objects 2.8 2.7

2006-01-26 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 1/27/06, Ed Colmar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: *Been working up some code on a zope 2.8.0 install, and I wanted to moveit over to a live server.I keep getting this error: i've had problems moving stuff (zclass, .zexp) between 2.7 and 2.8 iirc, there were major changes between the two. your best

Re: [Zope] Documentation and Books

2006-04-18 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 4/19/06, Erik Billing [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I quite recently began looking at Zope and now I'm looking for a good book on the subject. I'm fairly familiar with both Python and webapp development in general, so I'm looking for a book covering pretty much everything about Zope I need to know,

Re: [Zope] Documentation and Books

2006-04-21 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 4/21/06, Erik Billing [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The Plone version which I was speaking about, at, is version 2.7 and is as far as I've seen the same as v. 2.7 at, except for the reader comments of course. The book may of course have bin updated

Re: [Zope] [ANN] Zope 2.10.0 beta 1 released

2006-05-31 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 5/30/06, Andreas Jung [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all,on behalf of Zope developer community I am pleased to announce the releaseof Zope 2.10.0 beta 1.You can download Zope 2.10.0 beta 1 hi i can't configure zope. the error is as below ./configure

Re: [Zope] debug with ipython

2006-06-07 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 6/7/06, thomas desvenain [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: thanks ! and is it possible to run zope in console mode (as debug mode) whithout having to shutdown the server (to unlock ZODB) ? zeo is the magic word here. check on how to enable zeo from the zopebook at, or google for it --

[Zope] combining all zope2 FAQs into one big one at wiki.zope., org/zope2

2006-11-06 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
hi all it seems that there are scattered faqs or zope 2 abound (, and combining them all in one site ( seems the best solution, imho. so, i'm trying to ask all site owners with zope2 faqs whether we can achieve this? help from the community

Re: [Zope] combining all zope2 FAQs into one big one at wiki.zope., org/zope2

2006-11-07 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 11/7/06, Jens Vagelpohl [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 7 Nov 2006, at 07:17, Bakhtiar A Hamid wrote: The stuff there are just place holders. But with the permission of site owners i'd like to start transfer stuff over. thoughts? comments? I

Re: [Zope] catalog aware not working.. help

2007-03-20 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 3/20/07, Allen Huang [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I made a pyhon product with catalogaware as one of my base class but my zcatalog named 'catalog' doesn't automatically catalog when I add a product item. what could be a problem? Please help this is part of my code that include

Re: [Zope] KeyErrors in Zope using ZEO

2007-05-13 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 5/12/07, Mike Patterson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, We've been experiencing two KeyError problems with Zope since moving to a ZEO environment at the beginning of the year. On the server that the ZEO server resides we have 3 Zope instances running, and each of them gets a KeyError about

Re: [Zope] 2.6 to 2.10 migration: RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded

2007-07-11 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On 7/12/07, Andreas Jung [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: --On 12. Juli 2007 01:02:49 +0200 Jonas Meurer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, after importing a product from zope 2.6.4 to a 2.10.3 instance, trying to open the product produces quite a lot of errors in my event.log, and a traceback in

[Zope-dev] zope-2.6.1+zeo-2.0.2 not trouble

2003-03-23 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
hi i've posted this to zope list, and got hints from dieter about the toby-clean-shutdown branch. i apologize if this is not appropriate. i'm restating the question again: since upgrading zope from 2.5.1 + zeo1, i've been having frequent zope/zeo client hanging/not responding. the setup: we

[Zope-dev] zeo2.0.2 and zope2.6.1 trouble

2003-04-02 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
hi was at #zope, and hazmat recommended that i shoot the question here. i have a setup zope-2.6.1-src and zeo2.0.2, running on linuxx and python2.1.3 i'm using instance home, and currently there are errors in ZEO_SERVER.log[1] i'm not sure what else to do. i've run from 2.5.1, and

[Zope-dev] localfs and zope 2.7 (was: Re: 2.7 assertion with CVS of that morning two)

2004-01-16 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On Friday 16 January 2004 17:01, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Message: 2 Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 00:56:36 +0100 From: robert [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [Zope-dev] Re: 2.7 assertion with CVS of that morning two days ago To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message-ID: [EMAIL

Re: [ZWeb] new zope newsletter

2006-01-19 Thread bakhtiar a hamid
On Thursday 19 January 2006 14:40, Carlos de la Guardia wrote: Hi, I have some comments about the idea of a Zope newsletter. Though it would be nice to have one, a newsletter may be too formal an undertaking for a community site. There was a time when the site presented a feature

Re: [ZWeb] zope web status report 2006-02-06

2006-02-09 Thread bakhtiar a hamid
On Thursday 09 February 2006 18:17, Martijn Faassen wrote: Yes. Let's make a procedure for that: * find the document you think would be good to have * propose it on this list has a good comment with good links.

Re: [ZWeb] version3

2006-03-07 Thread Bakhtiar A Hamid
On Tue, 07 Mar 2006 07:10:07 -0500, Tom Von Lahndorff wrote The latest and greatest. I'm working on the middle content well, but the rest is pretty much done, including the nav. wow that really is so much better than what we have now.. great work!