Re: [Zope] how to keep all captions in one place?

2000-05-29 Thread Chien-Pin Wang
Get a product called DTML Template at Zope site. I should be able to serve your needs. Chien-pin On Mon, 29 May 2000, Philipp Dunkel wrote: Hi I have a big project that is developed in english. Now I want to give this away for translating. The problem is that until now code and

Re: [Zope] Traceback?

2000-05-29 Thread Chien-Pin Wang
Take off the -D switch in your zope start script. dtml-var error_tb will let you show traceback programmatically. Believe me, you will miss them once you turn it off. Chien-pin On Mon, 29 May 2000, Patrick J.M. Keane wrote: I would like to ultimately remove the python traceback error code

[Zope] dtml-sendmail and Content-transfer-encoding

2000-06-07 Thread Chien-Pin Wang
Dear All: I'm using dtml-sendmail to send messages of Chinese characters from Zope. From time to time I got wierd mail delivery behaviors. I was told then that mail header/message body must follow RFC-822 and RFC-2047 standard with proper encoding, if not in US-ASCII. Basically these RFCs

[Zope] OSError along with FSSession...

2000-09-05 Thread Chien-Pin Wang
Dear Zope Users: I have upgraded to FSSession 0.4.2 lately and occasionally run into the same problem several times. Each time it costs me a zope down. I do really need some help... Zope complains an error type "OSError" and throws the error value saying [Errno 21] Is a directory: