[Zope] Apache ProxyPass directive and REMOTE_ ENV

2001-01-14 Thread Denis
. Is there a way to expand those values ? A magic key to turn ? Have you found a better solution than the one exposed by HTH in the message above ? Thank you. -- Denis FRERE P3B: Club Free-Pytho-Linuxien Caroloregien http://www.p3b.org ___ Zope maillist

Re: [Zope] ANN: Perl For Zope

2000-05-25 Thread Denis Frère
"The synergy between the decision to go open source and the increase in revenue is direct. It's astounding," Everitt said(*). What next ? Lucrative open source or real Zen ? (*) Linux Journal http://www.linux-mag.com/cgi-bin/printer.pl?issue=2000-01article=venture -- Denis Frère P3B

[Zope] assertion error

2005-05-13 Thread Denis Mishunoff
, using this script via name it raises Assertion Error. Seems like it can't get object from catalog. But it works with IP... Please advise what is my problem. Thank you. -- Best regards, Denis Mishunoff mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED

Re[2]: [Zope] assertion error

2005-05-14 Thread Denis Mishunoff
, Denis Mishunoff mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] http://plonetarium.objectis.net ___ Zope maillist - Zope@zope.org http://mail.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope ** No cross posts or HTML encoding

[Zope] Factory-based Type Information

2005-06-18 Thread Denis Mishunoff
of it and to alter some fields. Please advise. Thank you. -- Best regards, Denis Mishunoff mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] http://plonetarium.objectis.net ___ Zope maillist - Zope@zope.org http

Re[2]: [Zope] Factory-based Type Information

2005-06-21 Thread Denis Mishunoff
Hello, J. You wrote 21 èþíÿ 2005 ã., 20:27:50: Denis Mishunoff wrote: I have a problem with my product. I use Zope 2.7.5 and Plone 2.0.5. I need to create the copy of Document content-type on my product's install the same way as it is done in portal_types via Factory-based Type

[Zope] passing the parameters to zsql method

2005-10-27 Thread Denis V. Gudtsov
Hello! I'm trying to pass the form parameters from page template to zsql method. A piece of code follows: form action=clients_add_sql input type=text name=name input type=text name=account input type=submit /form clients_add_sql: insert into table(name,account) values (dtml-sqlvar name

[Zope] several questions about shared libraries and security

2005-11-01 Thread Denis V. Gudtsov
Hello! The former I wrote python library. This lib is used to interact with database and defines some hi-level methods. I'm planing to use this lib in scripts, running on the same machine and zope. Now library is located on /usr/local/lib/. Is it possible to use it in zope? And the later i