[Zope] Multiple servers on Zope?

2001-01-09 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
Hi there How can I create "multiple" web servers on Zope as in IIS? We have a few domains that resolve to the same IP address. When a user accesses eg. www.geospace.co.za they must get to a different site than when they access www.triangletyre.co.za even though both addresses resolve to the

[Zope] Calling other frames

2001-01-14 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
Hi there I have a navigation/sitemap object that shows the user where he is in the website at the current moment. I want this object eg. to sit in the left frame. This object must update every time the main (right) frame updates to reflect the position of the right frame. The website can be

[Zope] How to backup Zope data base?

2001-01-18 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
Hi all What is the best way to backup Zope's database whithout stopping Zope? When I use backup, it just says that the file is in use and cannot be backed up. What I have done so far is to copy the file in explorer and back that up - but it feels kludgey and I'm not sure if I get the database

[Zope] Zope vs. Apple's WebObjects

2001-01-19 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
Hi all A friend of mine knows Apple's WebOjects and Enterprise Object framework quite well and is quite impressed with it. He wants to know if there is a "nutshell" comparison between this product and Zope and how they compare (apart obviously from the eh, slight price difference!). Any

[Zope] Dowloading images from another site with external method?

2001-01-24 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
Hi all I have an external Python method in Zope that accesses a map server through an ActiveX connector. This map server creates a map and gives me the URL where I can download the map eg. "http:\\www.mysite.com\images:8081\img1234545.png" I want to download this image with the method, put it

[Zope] Best way to upgrade an existing Zope installation?

2001-01-29 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
Hi there Maybe this has been answered a million times, but I can't find it. What is (generally) the best way to upgrade an existing Zope installation? (Including products, etc.) Must I export/import everthing, can I just copy the data.fs file or install the new Zope right over the old one (and

RE: [Zope] let problem (or just a stupid newbie)

2001-01-29 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
Hi there You must close the dtml-let tag like below (exactly what the error said ;) dtml-var standard_html_header dtml-let person="'Bob'" dtml-var person -- /dtml-let dtml-var standard_html_footer -Original Message- From: Hans de Wit [mailto:[EMAIL

[Zope] Problems with temporary connections

2005-07-08 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
I need to make a temporary connection to the ZODB. I have really good reasons relating to performance and not wanting have objects in the current cache getting removed from the cache on why I don't want to make use of the connections in the pool. I can elaborate on this if really nescessary...

[Zope] Versioned connectors from ZODB

2005-07-11 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
If I get a versioned connection from the ZODB: conn = Zope.DB.open(version=myVersion) root = conn.root() app = root['Application'] # do some stuff get_transaction().commit() conn.close() Are the changes now in a version? How do I get those changes rolled into the trunk version of the ZODB? I

Re: [Zope] Versioned connectors from ZODB

2005-07-11 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
On 7/11/05, Florent Guillaume [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ZODB versions are deprecated, unsupported, buggy and hard to use. Don't use them. Florent And as I understand, so are temporary connections too. That leaves me with getting a normal ZODB connection from the pool which I don't want to

Re: [Zope] Versioned connectors from ZODB

2005-07-12 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
Tim, . . . Versions solves this for me. Maybe like death would solve my problem with overdue taxes wink. I did get the versioned connections to work (so far), BUT, I will definately take your word on it and seek another solution :) snip Like, e.g., in the ZODB 3.2 line, otherdb

[Zope] ZCatalog: searching where on index == another index

2005-10-21 Thread Etienne Labuschagne
Hi all, Is there a way to search for all the records where one indexed field equals another indexed field? Equivalent SQL query would be: SELECT * FROM table WHERE field1 = field2 I know I can get all the unique values for field1 and then do a search for records where field2 = [unique field1