[Zope] XML-RPC vs External method?

2000-11-01 Thread Irene Barg
already produces an XML formatted stream, it would be more efficient to just use it (unless there is yet another way in Zope I'm not aware of). Is it possible? Is there any reason to want to use the external method instead? Thanks for your comments, --irene ---

Re: [Zope] XML-RPC vs External method?

2000-11-02 Thread Irene Barg
imple you could just do it dtml, it would end up with some extra white space but it would still be valid. a dtml method akin to ?xml version="1.0"? dtml-in mysqlretrieve item contentdtml-var content/content squishydtml-var squishy/content /item /dtml-in kap

[Zope] why DTML confusing

2000-11-10 Thread Irene Barg
be more intuitive. DTML maybe the heart of Zope, but it's also it's achilles heel. -- irene ------ Irene Barg Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Steward Observatory Phone: 520-621-2602 933 N. Cherry Ave. University of

[Zope] Re: why DTML confusing

2000-11-14 Thread Irene Barg
;Core Zope" is Zope v.2.3. For now, see: http://www.zope.org/Members/4am/PythonMethod Later, Jerry S. -- Irene BargEmail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Steward Observatory Phone: 520-621-2602 933 N.