[Zope] SAP DB with Zope?

2000-11-07 Thread Jonathan (ListServ Account)
Hi all, Will be testing it myself shortly, but has anyone already hooked up Zope to SAP DB? It has been open sourced recently, and there are Python interfaces available (as well as Perl, JDBC, PHP, ODBC and C/C++). For those who are not familiar with it: it's a high end database used for

RE: [Zope] Precompiled w/Apache?

2000-12-20 Thread Jonathan \(ListServ Account\)
Well, I found it but - It's compiled against an older glibc... Oh well. Looks like I'll miss the deadline to get the demo up, Unless someone has some magic to pull somehow. Uncle Jonathan's Magic Zope Recipe is here ;) - Get a binary release of Zope and unpack into /usr/local for

[Zope] CZAN Anyone?

2000-12-22 Thread Jonathan \(ListServ Account\)
Hi all, Does anyone have any plans for CPAN like functionality for Zope? I'd just love to install new products, update products already installed, get notified when I need a Hotfix etc. The product listing at Zope.org is getting longer all the time and I am having a hard time keeping up to

RE: [Zope] CZAN Anyone?

2000-12-22 Thread Jonathan \(ListServ Account\)
It would be a very good idea. The CPAN is the main strenght of Perl (if someone cites the Vaults as a Python equivalent, it means he never used the CPAN). In the mean time, I've reserved czan.org and .net (for the community: of course, I will give them back freely when someone will

RE: [Zope] CZAN Anyone?

2000-12-26 Thread Jonathan \(Listserv Account\)
What does cpan give you that zope.org doesnt, I can go into zope.org, look at modules documentation, download them and so on. Same with CPAN. Ok so maybe it doesnt have simple and interfaces to it such as listings by author, module and so on... The next step would be automated

RE: [Zope] Tux Zope?

2001-01-10 Thread Jonathan \(Listserv Account\)
This is precisely what Zope's new cache management architecture is designed to do. Just create the site then install a cache manager object such as an "Accelerated HTTP Cache Manager", available in the StandardCacheManagers product. Visit the "Associate" tab of the cache manager to locate

RE: [Zope] Zope Marketing

2001-01-12 Thread Jonathan \(Listserv Account\)
I searched on several sites for Zope Marketing products like e.g. high quality color PDF or slides, targeting management or marketing people. Not a bad idea. I wouldn't mind having a go at it, can someone at DigiCool send me a large version of the Z ball logo and the fonts used by 'Zope'?

RE: [Zope] Zope and Linux flavors

2001-01-16 Thread Jonathan \(Listserv Account\)
Which Linux distributions are you using for running Zope and how easy it was for you to maximize security of your server? Red Hat Linux 6.2 here. After a standard install, download and install latest release of SSH. Open '/etc/inetd.conf', comment out all services. Save and do a 'killall -HUP

RE: [Zope] Zope Versus Enhydra Comparison article

2001-01-17 Thread Jonathan \(Listserv Account\)
Perhaps a typo? "vaporizes" fits pretty well there. My head has done that before while working with Zope. :-) Have you ever tried Java? If you love a vaporized head, switch to Java and be sure to pick Oracle's Internet Application Server to be your trustworthy companion on a steep learning

RE: [Zope] Zope and Linux flavors

2001-01-17 Thread Jonathan \(Listserv Account\)
Actually, I burn a CD with the latest updates on it. Including autorpm. Install autorpm, then use autorpm to upgrade everything from the CD. I do all of this BEFORE connecting to the net. I've had boxes rooted within 60 minutes of connecting to the net, before I started doing the above.

RE: [Zope] ActiveState on Zope.org

2001-01-22 Thread Jonathan \(Listserv Account\)
And if you browse the ActiveState site some more, you'll see what they do for OSS. Who says that an OSS shop needs to run exclusively on OSS or has no right to sell software solutions? We at Digital Creations also use Windows NT and other commercial software, and our services also come with