Re: [Zope] Using crontab instead of rc.d

2000-08-23 Thread KIMMELL
Hello, Here's something I put together. I am pretty much clueless when it comes to bash shell programming, so this may be a really bad way to do things. I would think you could run this script from your crontab. I tried this on Redhat 6.2 , so YMMV. -garrin -- begin script -- #!/bin/bash

[Zope] Products vs. ZClasses- Design Question

2000-06-16 Thread Garrin Kimmell
Hello, I would like some thoughts on design strategies for Zope classes. I am developing a site that will require writing some custom classes. I would appreciate any opinions anyone could offer. I apologize for such a long message. My class will have some instance variables along with some