[Zope] Restart button corrupted data.fs.index file

2000-10-11 Thread Kit O'Connell
After installing two new Products (ZCounter the first time,and FSCounter the next time), I hit the Restart button in the Zope Control Panel. Zope did not come up. I tried a manual stop/start. The start resulted in this error message: Traceback (innermost last): File

[Zope] Cookies Expiration

2000-11-03 Thread Kit O'Connell
I'm trying to set up something like is used in the Zope Elvis tutorial, where it sets a cookie to show when you last visited the site, so that I can flag certain articles as 'new'. However, I'd like to have this cookie set to expire one week from the date of the current visit. i.e., if its

[Zope] Cookie setting problem

2000-12-18 Thread Kit O'Connell
I'm trying to set up a system like example 9 in the tutorial (new elvis sightings) where new news stories in a specific folder are flagged 'New!' if they've been modified or added since the last visit. Early on in the document, I do the following while going through the folder's stories one at a