RE: [Zope] Cache

2000-05-18 Thread Mabe, Brad
Does this work in IE5? I'm using similar META tags which work for IE4 and Netscape but don't work in IE5. -=Brad=- -Original Message- From: Dr. Peer Griebel [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2000 10:32 AM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [Zope] Cache

[Zope] Executing an external program

2000-05-22 Thread Mabe, Brad
Is there a way for zope to call an external program (exe, batch file, etc.) and have it execute on the server? I have several home grown utilities on my server that I would like to access/execute via the browser. -=Brad=- ___ Zope maillist -

RE: [Zope] Site Powered by Zope

2000-05-31 Thread Mabe, Brad
The *really* interesting thing is that their "Register Now!" link points to vistaregform.cfm, which is implies that they are using ColdFusion. H. -=Brad=- -Original Message- From: Hugo Ramos To: zope Sent: 5/31/00 4:27 AM Subject: Re: [Zope] Site Powered by Zope

[Zope] Getting a specific user role

2000-06-08 Thread Mabe, Brad
Forgive me if this has been covered before. I am implementing a login/security scheme through the use of GUF and SQL methods. My user and role information is kept in a SQL database and a user can have more than one role assigned to him/her. What I would like to do is check if a specific role

RE: [Zope] Getting a specific user role

2000-06-09 Thread Mabe, Brad
That did the trick. Someday I'm going to get the hang of this stuff. Thanks, Jason. -=Brad=- -Original Message- From: Jason Spisak To: Mabe, Brad Cc: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' Sent: 6/8/00 7:48 PM Subject: Re: [Zope] Getting a specific user role Mabe, Brad writes: Forgive me

RE: [Zope] RE: [Zope-dev] Problem with Zope

2000-07-12 Thread Mabe, Brad
Check IE's security settings for the zone you are downloading the PDF from. The following is taken from Adobe's support site: -- If you're using Internet Explorer 5.0, make sure that its security options recognize the Acrobat Control: Note: This procedure changes Internet Explorer's security

[Zope] GUF KeyError problem

2000-07-14 Thread Mabe, Brad
I am attempting to get GUF (using sql methods for authentication) working on an HPUX box and am running into a bit of a snag. Running ZOPE in debug mode yields the following: ERROR(200) GUF http://sidr:8080/test/acl_users/userRoles raised an exception ((class exceptions.KeyError at 40051d58

[Zope] FindOneOf?

2000-07-27 Thread Mabe, Brad
ColdFusion (I know, a dirty word ;-) ) has a nifty string function called "FindOneOf" which returns the index of the occurrence of any character in a string. Example: FindOneOf("ghd", "abcdefghij", 1) Will return a "4" because "d" is the fourth letter in the string "abcdefghij". If no match

RE: [Zope] No file in INPUT TYPE='file' field

2000-08-11 Thread Mabe, Brad
I love this list! I am designing a file upload form and just started thinking about how I am going to handle invalid filenames, no filename, etc. Of course, rather than doing "real work" I decided to take some time and catch up with my e-mail and viola! Here is this thread. Thanks Peter!

RE: [Zope] How to execute multiple SQL statements in one SQL-Method ?

2000-08-18 Thread Mabe, Brad
SQLSTATEMENT 1 dtml-var sql_delimiter SQLSTATMENT 2 -Original Message- From: Stuart Foster [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, August 18, 2000 1:14 PM To: Zope List Subject: [Zope] How to execute multiple SQL statements in one SQL-Method ? I know it can be done but forgot how.

[Zope] GUF Idle Timeout?

2000-08-30 Thread Mabe, Brad
Hello all, Does GUF have an idle timeout setting? I'm seeing the behavior where if my GUF authenticated user is idle for more than 10-15 minutes they lose their authentication and are asked to log in again. If there is such a setting, how can I increase the amount of idle time? Thanks

RE: [Zope] GUF Idle Timeout?

2000-08-31 Thread Mabe, Brad
The first word that came to my mind after reading your response was "Duh!". This was something I should have figured out on my own. Thanks for the help! -=Brad=- -Original Message- From: Stuart Bishop To: Mabe, Brad Cc: '[EMAIL PROTECTED] ' Sent: 8/31/00 3:42 AM S