[Zope] Re: Fwd: Re: [Zope] R: [Zope] Invalid Header (0) error

2000-06-23 Thread Mark N. Gibson
We've had the same problem, Michael Pelletier addressed this question in a previous post, Check out: http://www.egroups.com/message/zope/29589?start=29498 To summarize, 'Zope doesn't like it if there is no html tags before the DTML begins.' To fix our problem, we simply make sure that a html

[Zope] Dynamically render DTML?

2000-09-16 Thread Mark N. Gibson
Is it possible to return dtml from python, and have it rendered correctly on the page? for example, the python might look like this... def get_header(somevar=1): if somevar==1: return 'dtml-var standard_html_header' else: return 'dtml-var other_html_header' The dtml document in the

Re: [Zope] Dynamically render DTML?

2000-09-18 Thread Mark N. Gibson
ss (or the ZClass) from DTMLMethod, but I didn't need the DTMLMethod itself to be persistent. Also, I'm not sure how to intercept __call__ and pas it on to the DTMLMethod. It's a little ugly, but it works. It would be nice to be able to just say dtml-var myclassObjectName in zope and have it

Re: [Zope] Creating Object

2000-10-22 Thread Mark N. Gibson
You're logged into the zope management interface as superuser. To change this, create a user in the root acl_users folder, giving it a username and password, and the manager and owner roles. Now restart your browser, go to the management interface, and log in as the user you just created.

Re: [Zope] Problems with sequence-item

2000-10-22 Thread Mark N. Gibson
I get errors when sequence-item is being called to list the contents of a folder E.g. dtml-in "(1,2,3)" reverse dtml-var sequence-item /dtml-in correctly outputs 3 2 1 When I do dtml-in "folder.objectValues()" dtml-var id /dtml-in it correctly outputs all ids in the

Re: [Zope] One last request

2000-10-23 Thread Mark N. Gibson
I have one unsolved mystery left. What I am trying to do is print the titles from the DTML Documents in the 'artikelen' folder (and actually another property called 'inleiding'. I believe the code below should do this, but it does not work. It returns 'Zope' instead of the title. If I use

[Zope] ZSQL database connection (ZPoPy) not giving expected results

2001-01-09 Thread Mark N. Gibson
Ok, here's the situation. I create a folderish object. I insert some info into the postgresql database related to this folderish object. I create a ZPopy database connection within this folderish object. All of this is done through a python method. If I do a query using this new database