[Zope] Date format question urgent!!!

2000-07-27 Thread Marko MARKOVIC
hi all, i have a few questions about date formating: i work with a sybase database and have tables where i used date fields. My field entrydate is of type Date. on my page i have a textbox to put the date: input type="text" name="new_nsentrydate" value="01.01.2000" size="10" i will

[Zope] What's wrong with this snippet?

2000-07-27 Thread Marko MARKOVIC
hi all, i tried and searched to find the error but i couldn't solve it. Could anyone help me with this code: dtml-in "GenericSQL(SQLStatement='SELECT ns.ns_ref,ns.ns_entrydate,ns.ns_status, ns.ns_name, ns.ns_adresse, ns.ns_location FROM noteservice ns WHERE (ns.ns_entrydate='%s/%s/%s' %

[Zope] getslice Error?

2000-07-31 Thread Marko MARKOVIC
Hi all, with this little code : dtml-in "showNSDetails(nsref=old_nsref)" start=query_start dtml-call "REQUEST.set('sdate','%s.%s.%s' % (ns_entrydate[8:],ns_entrydate[5:7],ns_entrydate[:4]))" input type="text" name="new_nsentrydate" value="dtml-var sdate" size="10" /dtml-in ns_entrydate is a

[Zope] Importing problems

2000-08-02 Thread Marko MARKOVIC
Hi all, How can i import objects from 2.1.6 to 2.2.0? I can import them but couldn't view them, some authorization problems. Is that a known problem? Could you help out with ? Thanks a lot $Regards MM ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[Zope] LDAP-Zope

2000-08-03 Thread Marko MARKOVIC
Hi all, In LDAP i have an object with name and passwordobject. With Zope LDAP method, can i see this password? I have a login window created in Zope and when a user will login i must control if the user exists. How can i do this? Any ideas? $Regards MM

[Zope] LDAPAdapter?

2000-08-03 Thread Marko MARKOVIC
hi all, have a little problem with LDAPAdapter. I have a working directory server using LDAP protocol. When i create the LDAPAdapter in Zope it works fine, but when a user want to connect to my site, he gets an authentication error. But the user exists in the directory server. Can someone

[Zope] Format problem?

2000-08-07 Thread Marko MARKOVIC
hi all, when I do a insert with a ZSQLMethod in my database, in the SQLMethod I use for a field fmt=newline_to_br. Now, when I want edit this field and put the value in a textarea, I get the caracter br, but I don't want this. How can i do to hide this br when i read this field? $Regards MM