Re: [Zope] Zope vs Plone: performance issues!

2006-01-24 Thread Michael Vartanyan
How did you go about caching authenticated content? Any simple personalization element like the user name in the corner disqualifies the whole page from effective participation in downstream proxying/caching. The only thing you can do with such page is to cache it for one particular user

Re: [Zope] ExtFile - wrong file extension and content_type

2006-02-07 Thread Michael Vartanyan
Which version of ExtFile are you using? Which OS? ExtFile has some strange hacks to guess the extension it should use. If it is unable to determine the content type from the upload, it would set in to application/octet-stream (which is OK so far), and then pass this wrong finding to

Re: [Zope] Re: major problems placing authentication on an extranet site-security flaw?

2006-02-10 Thread Michael Vartanyan
In the very beginning of my Zope career, I once shot myself in the foot with a very stupid thing... I kept it to myself then but if we are talking about Zope security settings and usability of the ZMI at the same time, perhaps it is an ideal place to raise this issue. If you use the famous

[Zope] Re: major problems placing authentication on an extranet site-security flaw?

2006-02-14 Thread Michael Vartanyan
I agree. A little bit of a problem is that both Zope 2 Book and the ZMI do not seem to agree. I guess was/is not the practice that Zope 2 developers endorsed/followed. But Zope2 is beyond help (C) Chris M., (taken out of context by me :-)) Florent Guillaume wrote: Michael Vartanyan wrote

Re: [Zope] workflow products

2006-02-14 Thread Michael Vartanyan
We use Openflow: to manage enormous workflows with many dozens of states/activities and hundreds of process instances going through. Works well when you find your way to use it. Some points to consider if you are considering using it for something serious: - it is

Re: [Zope] manage_convertIndexes on large-ish catalogs

2006-04-04 Thread Michael Vartanyan
Hi Chris! After various attempts to get through the right way, I did simply the following: 1. Clear catalog 2. manage_covertIndexes 3. start looping through objects reindexing them and calling commit_transaction() on each 100-chunk (or 1000 or whatever your RAM can bear) 4. go have a

Re: [Zope] Problem with ExtFile

2006-04-04 Thread Michael Vartanyan
Same problem here. Occasionally, uploading ExtFile would redirect to file content itself with broken (unset?) content-type. Anyone has a ready fix? Thanks. Bruno Grampa wrote: Hello, i've a problem with ExtFile 1.4.4 installed in a Zope 2.8.6 (on RHES4). The redirection, at the end of file

Re: [Zope] TextIndexNG and ExtFile

2006-04-07 Thread Michael Vartanyan
I've got a site with a couple hundred ExtFile objects. I now need to index the content of the various files (word, pdf, excel, ppt). I see that ExtFile doesn't have a PrincipiaSearchSource method so I created one. It returns self.index_html(). When I go back into my catalog and reindex my

Re: [Zope] TextIndexNG and ExtFile

2006-04-08 Thread Michael Vartanyan
. Stefan [1] svn co ExtFile On 7. Apr 2006, at 23:22, Michael Vartanyan wrote: I've got a site with a couple hundred ExtFile objects. I now need to index the content of the various files (word, pdf, excel, ppt). I see that ExtFile doesn't have

[Zope] Isolating changes that can only be done globally

2006-05-29 Thread Michael Vartanyan
Hello All, This is probably more a Python question but maybe you will have a quick solution for me - I guess the greatest *multi-threaded* Python application provides the greatest basis for this problem domain :-) The situation: external method that is doing a http request using urllib2. I

Re: [Zope] Isolating changes that can only be done globally

2006-05-30 Thread Michael Vartanyan
Thank you Paul and others for all your invaluable input! I considered using pycurl and it looks like this a bit of an overkill for my purpose (which is to simply tickle an external URL). At the same time I guess nobody would argue that that this is the most straightforward way. I agree with

[Zope] Re: Any known leaks in ExtFile and OpenFlow?

2006-06-04 Thread Michael Vartanyan
Hi all, One of my Zope (2.8.4 on Python 2.4.2, SLES9) sites constantly hits the memory limit. It makes heavy use of two products - ExtFile (1.5.0) and OpenFlow (1.1.0). ExtFile class (of ExtFile) and workitem class (of OpenFlow) are leading the refcount list with a not-constant but overall

Re: [Zope] [German Zope Conference] Registration now open

2006-08-15 Thread Michael Vartanyan
Wow, that's just 15 kilometers from here! Will definitely attend. One clarification though: I assume the official communication language for this event is German. I realize the call for papers is not yet closed, but just from your experience: - do you normally have talks/presentations in English

Re: [Zope] Zope and SSL

2009-03-16 Thread Michael Vartanyan
Cat, I'm trying to find out how to generate a CSR, and I can't find the information I need. If you are trying to generate a CSR, you probably need to use OpenSSL, not Zope. If your *Zope application* needs to generate a CSR for some reason, you need to interface OpenSSL from Zope somehow -

[Zope] (another) Zope job in Bonn, Germany

2009-03-27 Thread Michael Vartanyan
FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE - Secretariat SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT MECHANISMS PROGRAMME CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM (CDM) PROCESS MANAGEMENT Information System Unit Associate Information Systems Officer, P-2 You want: - To work in an international environment - Make your direct