[Zope] Re: [Zope-Annce] ANN: Perl For Zope - why I'm bummed

2000-05-25 Thread Roman Milner
Here is why I'm bummed about this. Like other people who have posted - after years of coding perl for money, I have vowed never to do it again. (I find that it produces encourages unmaintainable code.) Also, I think my main marketable skill now is Zope. So, were I to want to find a different

Re: [Zope] Re: [Zope-Annce] ANN: Perl For Zope - why I'm bummed

2000-05-25 Thread Roman Milner
"KD" == Kevin Dangoor [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: KD I think Zope offers a ton of features that I wouldn't want to KD give up. (And I've been watching what the other servers out KD there are doing, and I still appreciate the power given by KD Zope.) I don't question at all that

Re: [Zope] Re: [Zope-Annce] ANN: Perl For Zope - why I'm bummed

2000-05-25 Thread Roman Milner
"KM" == Ken Manheimer [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: KM I have some misgivings with this outlook. It sounds like KM people who seek job security by having expertise with a system KM that closes out unfamiliar options - whether the options are KM better or worse. I'm not in any way

[Zope] perl for zope: a few last comments and then I'm done

2000-05-29 Thread Roman Milner
OK, I just wanted to say a couple more things about this and then I'll shut up. I've given it a lot of thought - trying come up with a way of looking at it that still makes zope attractive. So, I started thinking - what if it had been a language that I like instead of perl. (lisp, java...)

[Zope] 2.2.0 zclass weirdness

2000-06-20 Thread Roman Milner
I've created a ZClass call HomeDirContainer that inherits from ObjectManager. In that ZClass I created another ZClass called HomeDir. The idea being that HomeDirs can only exist in HomeDirContainers. So, I add an instance of HomeDirContainer, then go into it and click "Add" - which is

Re: [Zope] 2.2.0 zclass weirdness

2000-06-20 Thread Roman Milner
Well, I figure this out. HomeDir_factory was getting its Use Factory permission set to (disabled). I think this was becuase HomeDirContaine didn't automatically have "Add HomeDirs" in its list. Is this a bug? ^Roman "RM" == Roman Milner [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:

Re: [Zope] Connect String for mysql with SQLRELAY

2000-06-22 Thread Roman Milner
You will need to have a sqlrelay server running somewhere that is connected to your mysql database. A given sqlrelay server running on a given port will only be connected to one database - so the informaiton below is all that is needed by the sqlrelay adapter. The sqlrelay xml config file

Re: [Zope] Question on OpenTicket

2000-07-11 Thread Roman Milner
"MP" == Mario Premke [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: MP Hi, can anybody tell me what exactly the openticket product MP does as there is no detailed description in the docs ... It's a general purpose trouble ticketing system. You can actually see it running on the home page at

[Zope] suggestions for what to run in front of ZEO'ed zopes for failover?

2000-07-14 Thread Roman Milner
I'm wondering if anyone can suggest something good to run in front of 2 zopes talking to a zeo server - for failover and load balancing. I have been using a tool called 'balance' which works really well - but for failover it only works if the socket to one of the zope servers doesn't connect.

[Zope] how to override SERVER_URL?

2000-08-09 Thread Roman Milner
I need to override SERVER_URL so I can trick Zope in to giving me the correct base href. I can't figure out how. I tried exporting it as an environment variable, and putting it in the http headers - but neither worked. Can anyone help? I'm runnig ZServer without apache. FWIW, the reason I need

[Zope] how to keep stuff out of undo

2000-08-29 Thread Roman Milner
Hi. We have a product (an mp3 jukebox) that uses the ZODB to store a large data structure of all the albums and track names. Many people are allowed to add/remove albums from the database. The problem is, when they do this the entire data structure is backed up for undo. So, by the end of each

Re: [Zope] SQLRelay vanish ??

2000-09-15 Thread Roman Milner
"DG" == Didier Georgieff [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: DG Hello, Since several days, the {HYPERLINK DG "http://www.firstworks.com/"}http://www.firstworks.com/ web DG site is unavailable. (SQLRelayDA and SQLRelayDA). DG Any information about the SQLRelay future, and download site ?

[Zope] LDAP won't work - yes I've applied the patch

2000-10-04 Thread Roman Milner
I'm trying to get ldap methods to work with 2.2.2. I can access the attributes of the objects returned from an ldap method with a python extension fine, but dtml-in'ing the returned list doesn't work. I keep getting an error (traceback below). Any ideas? Thanks, ^Roman Your action caused an

Re: [Zope] LDAP won't work - yes I've applied the patch

2000-10-07 Thread Roman Milner
"DM" == Dieter Maurer [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: DM Maybe, you can contact the author, or try it yourself. There DM is documentation from Brian decribing what products need to do DM in order to be compatible with the new Zope 2.2 security DM policy. DM Dieter I've

[Zope] does xml-rpc work with zope and pcgi/apache?

2001-01-10 Thread Roman Milner
I'm having problem getting xml-rpc calls to work with zope running on apache/pcgi. I'm using the python xml-rpc module to send an xml-rpc request that looks like this (when captured at the socket level): POST /asdf/1/ HTTP/1.0 User-Agent: xmlrpclib.py/0.9.5 Host: localhost: Content-Type:

[Zope-dev] DCOracleStorage: problems running Full.sql

2000-09-05 Thread Roman Milner
I'm trying to get DCOracleStorage up and running, but I'm getting errors trying to run Full.sql. I know didly about plsql, so I apalogize if this is obvious. When I run Full.sql I get the following errros. Does this mean my oracle installation is missing something? Thanks, ^Roman ... Table