RE: [Zope] HELP: problems with ZServer Medusa!

2000-05-24 Thread Seb Bacon
does /usr/Zope-2.2.0a1-src/var/ exist? if not, touch and try again. seb. Hi All, I have installed Zope on a Linux server (Slackware 7.0) apparently without problems; but, when I start the server with the command: ./start, I have in continuous this message error: --

[Zope] Reloading products

2000-05-24 Thread Seb Bacon
newbie time: I'm trying to write a product AlbumImage which extends Image to include a thumbnail. I was determined to slog it out without begging for help, but I've come up against a very strange brick wall. I'm getting problems with an import statement at the beginning of my product from

[Zope] request for advice

2000-07-21 Thread Seb Bacon
Hello folks, I'm just beginning to design my first big Zope application. I'm writing to ask zopististitiatatas for some advice, since I'm a bit of a newbie and I want to make sure: [a] I reuse as much code as possible [b] I make my code as reusable as possible [c] my application is stable and

Re: [Zope] tracebacks

2000-08-01 Thread Seb Bacon
A) your SQL is wrong, you want a VARCHAR not a CHAR there. and i doubt 'NOW' is a valid value for a TIMESTAMP type in your DB. You'll be wanting a SQL function like Date(), not a string. Probably. Look in your DB docs. Not that I'm much of a SQL person - someone else will probably correct me.

RE: [Zope] Requested Zope feature

2000-08-09 Thread Seb Bacon
yup, this is how i work too. how about adding some javascript to the manage_* methods that reload the related window (if it's open) whenever the source changes, too? a problem with this might be ending up with a mass of windows all over your desktop, which is invariably horrible. otoh,

RE: [Zope] file uploading from IE browser

2000-08-11 Thread Seb Bacon
What's the HTML you're using for the upload? Hi All, I'ved followed the online How-To on implementing a simple service for parsing uploaded files via the browser. But strangely, it only works for Netscape browsers. When I test the uploading using IE, the supposed file object

RE: [Zope] Product Testing

2000-10-05 Thread Seb Bacon is the only way I know of to take away the pain of testing products. Seb -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Nestor A. Diaz L. Sent: 05 October 2000 01:06 Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [Zope]

[Zope] Base ZClass propertysheet management

2000-10-06 Thread Seb Bacon
I've got a ZClass "A" that subclasses another ZClass "B". I can use the default propertysheets/B/manage method to update B's properties; but how do I access the properties of A through the management interface? Many thanks Seb. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL

[Zope] overriding __str__ method?

2000-10-08 Thread Seb Bacon
Hi, What I'd really like to do is have inline content-management. I don't know if I'm completely up the wrong tree, and some advice would be much appreciated. My reason: Correct me if I'm wrong, but the zope security model does not allow me exclude an authenticated user from knowing that an

[Zope] security quickie

2000-10-09 Thread Seb Bacon
Does Zope security provide a way of restricting what objects are listed to an authenticated user inside the Zope 'manage' interface? I'm getting my head all twisted up over this security / proxy roles /local roles lark. Thanks, seb ___ Zope maillist

RE: [Zope] overriding __str__ method?

2000-10-09 Thread Seb Bacon
same names for form vars and property names to avoid confusing myself) then: dtml-call "manage_changeProperties(REQUEST)" Does this help? Seb Bacon wrote: My strategy: Each element that I want the user to be able to edit is a ZClass with a manage_content method. This provides the

RE: [Zope] Animated GIFs

2000-10-09 Thread Seb Bacon
I also tried to name the animGif explicitely animGif.gif instead of animGif - guessed what? - same problem! Any more ideas, please? have you tried doing a diff on the zope and non-zope versions to see if zzope's somehow mangled it? seb ___

RE: [Zope] Animated GIFs

2000-10-09 Thread Seb Bacon
your diff. is it a browser-related issue? have you tried it in IE netscape? if you want to send me the gif i'll try it out, when i get some time (tomorrow probably) seb -Original Message- From: Lars Heber [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 09 October 2000 15:29 To: Seb Bacon Cc: [EMAIL

RE: [Zope] tell-a-friend product?

2000-10-09 Thread Seb Bacon
Hi, I am still new to zope and am wondering if there is a tell-a-friend script/product/example floating around for me to look at? If not, and I made my own form with Zope (which I have not done yet), what variable would call the existing page the user was on ? The url of the current page

RE: [Zope] dtml-tree advice, please

2000-10-09 Thread Seb Bacon
branches_expr="objectValues('Album' 'Photo') I think you mean branches_expr="objectValues(['Album','Photo']) seb ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! **

RE: [Zope] expr=id 'index_html issue

2000-10-09 Thread Seb Bacon
try untested but this is a faq: dtml-in expr="objectValues('DTML Method')" sort="title" dtml-if expr="_[id] 'index_html'" td align="center"a href="dtml-absolute_url;"dtml-var title_or_id/a/td /dtml-if /dtml-in that should be dtml-if expr="_['id'] 'index_html'"

RE: [Zope] Access Control vs Publishing Protoco

2000-10-10 Thread Seb Bacon
This is because the thing which makes the problem hard is that something like standard_html_header wants to be editable by Managers TTW, which means it also has to be visible TTW. However, it's probably not something you want exposed to anonymous users, especially as a TTW

RE: [Zope] Quoting

2000-10-10 Thread Seb Bacon
dtml-var something cookie_quote Quote all characters not allowed in a cookie wouldn't dtml-var something url_quote do the job? That reminds me, it's silly that there's not dtml-something url_unquote, so I patched my zope to provide it. I was wondering if there's a mechanism for getting this

RE: [Zope] Re: Upload just file headers?

2000-10-11 Thread Seb Bacon
Hmm, well you certainly can't do it at the browser side. A well-formed HTTP header should contain a content-length attribute which you can examine. However, deciding whether to accept the file or not would I imagine not be possible inside zope since the whole POST operation is handled by

RE: [Zope] int and string comparisons

2000-10-12 Thread Seb Bacon
if you're submitting from a form, you can coerce strings into other data types by giving the form items special names, e.g.: input type=text name=foo:int input type=text name=bar:float Your REQUEST then has variables called foo and bar which are ints and floats, respectively. also, don't post

[Zope] Content Management System

2000-10-12 Thread Seb Bacon
This query started out in a separate thread about permissions, but it's sufficiently important to me to pose again here. I've been struggling to make the CMS abilities of zope user-friendly enough for 'joe average' end-users. Really it's designed for a 'power' content manager who delegates,

RE: [Zope] Access Control vs Publishing Protoco

2000-10-12 Thread Seb Bacon
oops, I forgot to foward my last mail on this subject to the list. My response here to Dieter's response captures contains the main points though... I think, the implementation would be easy. Management, however, would be more difficult, as there are no good defaults for the "URL

[Zope] product.dat

2000-10-13 Thread Seb Bacon
In the Zope PTK there are a couple of products that have been packaged as product.dats. What format are these? How do I do it? Cheers seb ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No cross posts or HTML

RE: [Zope] Dymanic sort=dtml-a_dtml_var; in DTML?

2000-10-17 Thread Seb Bacon
I needed to do this a while back and a kind fellow sent me some patches to do just this. Unfortunately my old email is unavailable at the moment, so I've forgotten who it was. The syntax was dtml-in ... sort-python="sortby" I'll dig out the patches as send them to you. seb -Original

RE: [Zope] Hosting?

2000-10-27 Thread Seb Bacon
You could DIY: I bought myself a server (256Mb RAM, 20Gb RAID1, Athlon Thunderbird 850Mhz) and I'm getting it colocated at one of the best-wired places in the UK. The bandwidth can be upped on a month-by-month basis. This way you get full control over everything. My costs: server ?650 (that's

[Zope] wondering about rendering

2000-10-27 Thread Seb Bacon
A simple question that's been bugging me: Regarding a "FooDocument/BarMethod": How do I reference the content of FooDocument inside BarMethod? At the moment, I'm using dtml-var "this()" which seems to call the __str__ method of FooDocument; or dtml-var "_.getitem(_['id'],1)" where I want to

RE: [Zope] ZMailIn

2000-10-27 Thread Seb Bacon
It sounds like you're thinking about a project management thing. Depends what you want to do with it, and what your zope setup is, but if you've got enough control over the zope box you're using, you could consider worldpilot + imap. You could customise it to your specific needs, plus have the

RE: [Zope] Products : dependencies (or who's on first?)

2000-11-02 Thread Seb Bacon
Okay, here goes : I installed the PTK product some time ago, decided that it wasn't where I needed to be right now and moved on to something else. Today I finally decided to delete it from my Products folder. Shortly afterwards, I noticed that both my existing FlexFAQ and ZDiscussion

RE: [Zope] Help wanted on Zope ZClasses/DTML please.

2000-11-03 Thread Seb Bacon
Hi, just some quick pointers (I'm in a hurry...) refer to for more details !-- do the deletion - this is the bit that doesn't work -- dtml-call "manage_delObjects('the_id')" What is the correct way to use manage_delObjects? dtml-call

RE: [Zope] Can somebody please help me....

2000-11-03 Thread Seb Bacon
dtml-call "REQUEST.set('email', dtml-var sequence-item)" dtml-call "REQUEST.set('email', _['sequence-item'])" seb. ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! **

RE: [Zope] Help wanted on Zope ZClasses/DTML please.

2000-11-06 Thread Seb Bacon
I have worked out thanks to Seb's comments that the problem I have with the use of manage_delObjects is (I think) that I am passing in the title or id of the object to be deleted rather than the object itself. Not quite... manage_delObjects takes a string which is the id of the object to be

RE: [Zope] Python Methods Vote

2000-11-08 Thread Seb Bacon
Is there any way you can see what the results are looking like without having to vote again? Don't worry, there's no need actually to count the votes. Despite the fact that this race went right down to the wire, according to my complex computer-based prediction models (based on exit polls

[Zope] Product removal stress: a plea for help

2000-11-08 Thread seb bacon
If anyone can shed some light on this it would be a great help to the newbies out here. Perhaps I could even do a HOWTO, and lighten the load on the list considerably ;) I don't have a solution to Alexander's problem quoted below, but it's one I keep hitting and one that is frequently asked

Re: [Zope] Is data.fs corrupted?

2000-11-09 Thread seb bacon
Could I just butt in here and try and clarify what I've understood from this thread so far? I'm feeling a bit dumb about it but I'd really like to sort it out. 1) This problem is definitely a programming error 2) It arises when a product has a component which isn't 'registered' as a zope

Re: [Zope] down from Thu Nov 9 12:00:00 GMT 2000 to present?searchable list archive not linked to from mailman page; console-based zope development. list archive not linked to from mailman page; console-based zope development.

2000-11-09 Thread seb bacon
* Colin Leath [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001109 14:00]: I'm trying to figure out ways of managing/developing with Zope from a unix console, using text editors, text browsers and so on. I often work from emacs, accessing the ZODB through the Zope FTP Server on port 8021. The syntax for ange-ftp is

Re: [Zope] dtml-if newbie question

2000-11-09 Thread seb bacon
* Stephan Goeldi [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001109 16:49]: dtml-in money dtml-if "1000" This is not much! /dtml-if dtml-if "5000" This is ok! /dtml-if dtml-if "1" This is very much! /dtml-if /dtml-in I am sure that there is an error in my thinking of

Re: [Zope] Is data.fs corrupted?

2000-11-09 Thread seb bacon
* Stephan Goeldi [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001109 13:30]: I just asked the question lately, if it is safe to simply delete a Product in the lib/python/Product folder, if it is not deletable via the Control_Panel. Some told me that it is no problem. Now I am more unsure to delete the stuff. for

[Zope] bad expression evaluation

2000-11-10 Thread seb bacon
I'm trying to compare two page titles, using this code: dtml-call "REQUEST.set('my_title',get_page_title)" dtml-in "PARENTS[1].objectValues(['Folder'])" dtml-my_title; : dtml-get_page_title dtml-if "my_title!=get_page_title" dtml-var title_or_id /dtml-if /dtml-in Now I can see on

[Zope] Authentication

2000-11-14 Thread seb bacon
This is strange: when I type as an authenticated user, Zope thinks I'm just an Anonymous user. When I type It realises I'm authenticated. I'm using Apache / ProxyPass on Zope 2.2.2. Any ideas? seb.

Re: [Zope] Deleted product breaks SQL_Method Advanced tab - How to fix?

2000-11-14 Thread seb bacon
How can I remove this object from the zodb? How do I find it? Any idea why SQL_Method even cares about this? there was a longish thread about this recently (search for something like 'Data.fs corrupted?!'). the upshot was, i think, that products that haven't been written carefully can

[Zope] _delObject errors

2000-11-15 Thread seb bacon
When I try to call self._delObject('foo') from my Product, it seems to work, but I get an error logged: AttributeError: 'string' object has no attribute 'manage_beforeDelete' The offending line is in def _delObject(self, id, dp=1): object=self._getOb(id)

Re: [Zope] Web mail with POP3

2000-11-16 Thread seb bacon
* Aleksander Salwa [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001116 09:00]: I need to build a web mail product with pop3 back-end. There is WorldPilot, but AFAIK it has no pop3 support. I'm thinking about taking web inteface/application design from WorldPilot and writing code to talk to pop3 server (probably based

Re: [Zope] Stupid Installation Question

2000-11-18 Thread seb bacon
* Ben Ocean [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001118 09:51]: Hi; Okay, hope I did this right... Installed Zope in a directory at doc root (called zope) and untarred it. Now I have a directory called Zope-2.2.2-src with a bunch of stuff in it. What do I do from here? How do I see it working? TIA, BenO

Re: [Zope] Stupid Installation Question

2000-11-18 Thread seb bacon
* Ben Ocean [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001118 09:51]: Hi; Okay, hope I did this right... Installed Zope in a directory at doc root (called zope) and untarred it. Now I have a directory called Zope-2.2.2-src with a bunch of stuff in it. What do I do from here? How do I see it working? TIA, BenO

Re: [Zope] Image Maps

2000-11-20 Thread seb bacon
* CURTIS David [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001120 16:46]: I am looking for information on Image Maps using Zope. I know that you need to use a CGI script to get the results that you need. The search engine displays some products that seem similar, but not exactly. Is there a better way? I'd

Re: [Zope] Javascript dtml tags

2000-11-21 Thread seb bacon
* Kini Natekar [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001121 07:36]: Is there a way to include dtml tags with a javascript ? If there is please let me know. if you mean, you want to insert a dtml tag into a document using javascript, then no. zope's a server-side technology; javascript is client-side. seb

Re: [Zope] Support for PHP?

2000-11-22 Thread seb bacon
* [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001121 21:02]: This was discussed about a month ago. check the archive. conclusion was that you can do anything with dtml that php does, though with perhaps a little bit more indirection. and you can do _more_ in python than in php.

[Zope] Exception msg rendering

2000-11-22 Thread seb bacon
LoginManager displays a login form by calling a page something like this: dtml-raise "'LoginRequired'" html form action="foo" !-- some form doohickeys -- /form /html /dtml-raise this works fine on one of my boxen but not the other. The bust one raises the exception but

[Zope] Re: [Zope-dev] SQL-Methods Through-the-FileSystem

2000-11-26 Thread seb bacon
Hi Johan, Does anybody have a good suggestion how to develope SQL Method ftfs (through the filesystem) rather than ttw. Perferably in someway similare to the HTMLFile way try something like this: from Products.ZSQLMethods.SQL import SQL import PoPy def

Re: [Zope] LoginManager Help.

2000-11-26 Thread seb bacon
* Jason C. Leach [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001126 20:46]: hi, So I have LoginManager installed. The easy part. Now I'd like to know how to use it. To start with, I'd like to authenticate against a standard acl_users folder or a plane text file w/ username/passwords in it. OK, I've just

Re: [Zope] newbie question: Redirect from Python?

2000-11-27 Thread seb bacon
* Paul Winkler [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001127 19:54]: I want the user to be sent to a particular URL after calling the product's manage_add method. How can I do that? The URL I want is REQUEST['URL3']. I've tried RESPONSE.redirect(REQUEST['URL3']) but that's not it - the RESPONSE doesn't seem

Re: [Zope] security

2000-11-29 Thread seb bacon
* Dieter Maurer [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001128 00:12]: Bowyer, Alex writes: Can some one explain how the Define Permissions screen works. I really don't understand the concept behind it, what does it mean for a permission setting to own a permission? All I need to do is to make

Re: [Zope] VHost logs.

2000-11-30 Thread seb bacon
In a manner of speaking, yes. That is, Apache needs to have correctly configured VirtualHost directives to handle the requests from the outside world appropriately, and Zope needs to have the SiteAccess product installed with correctly configured SiteRoots and access rules. It takes a

Re: [Zope] User mangement

2000-11-30 Thread seb bacon
* Sven B. [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001130 10:34]: Zope has a function "get_valid_userids()". Now my question; How is it possible to get something like (username;role;path)? sven, refer to the ZQR: and look for the section describing the

RE: [Zope] VHost logs.

2000-11-30 Thread Seb Bacon
VirtualHost ServerName RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^/(.*) /VirtualHost of course i actually meant: VirtualHost ServerName RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^/(.*)

Re: [Zope] VHost logs.

2000-12-03 Thread seb bacon
mod_rewrite is your friend. You just make a Rule that redirects anyone accessing your site on port 80 to port 443, something like this: VirtualHost ServerName RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^/(.*) /VirtualHost

[Zope] Fragments of html in IE (Was: Why Not Zope? ...)

2000-12-03 Thread seb bacon
* Riku Voipio [EMAIL PROTECTED] [001201 10:46]: Besides, the zserver on 2.1.6 seems to have bugs that sometimes let the page only 90% through. I don't know if your 90% problem is the same as the one I've been having, but I'm scratching my head a lot here: When I test my site using IE5.5, the

[Zope] IE5 / Medusa bug?

2000-12-14 Thread seb bacon
Tempting fate by claiming a bug...but although I'm sure I'm at fault here, there's no sensible reason for the results I'm getting. When I view one of several different pages with IE5, the last 11 bytes don't reach the browser. I've got a couple of other people to try it out. One of them

Re: [Zope] Pesky DateTime problem

2000-12-15 Thread seb bacon
The problem lies in adding an instance of the job board ZClass at which point Zope reports an "Invalid Date-Time String". You might have considered this already, but you're not supplying a default date in the DateTime field of the form. This can cause problems, because there's a bug in zope

[Zope] commit_sub error in Product

2001-01-16 Thread seb bacon
I'm writing a minimal product for which I'm getting a Error Type: AttributeError Error Value: commit_sub from the transaction machinery. The traceback's no help. The offending code, however is: class Foo(SimpleItem) def __init__(self, id, title, file): self.file =

Re: [Zope] Editors [OT]

2001-01-25 Thread seb bacon
- class browser for python, with expand/collapse of code (like the editor for Python 2) would be any use? ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Zope] user creation authentification

2001-01-29 Thread seb bacon
ralf, is it possible to create users "not using" the zope management interface ??? i would like to log in some user with my own login screen or how can i edit the default userauthentification screens from the browser (Netscape/IE/opera) ? my advice: in order to accomplish the second task

Re: [Zope] CacheManagers are cool :)

2001-01-29 Thread Seb Bacon
I've just been experimenting with the RAM Cache manager, and FWIW I thought I'd share my findings: ... There was no significant improvement where there were no concurrent requests. very cool. although i find the lack of improvement on a non concurrent requests a bit strange if its a

RE: [Zope] CacheManagers are cool :)

2001-01-30 Thread Seb Bacon
anybody tried expiring an object,? say after 300 secs, the cached object expires, get invalidated and a new cached object is created when somebody requested the page. is there any simple way to expire a RAM Cache? haven't tried this yet. also, for those who tried caching. what do you guys

RE: [Zope-dev] Inheritable Propertysheets!???!!?!?!?!!

2000-10-18 Thread Seb Bacon
AFAIK (but I'm no expert), a ZClass inherits its parents' propertysheets and you can access them in the normal way. The problem is that the all the propertysheets have to have different names. Example: If your parent class and the child class both have a property sheet called "Basic", but the

[Zope-dev] Exceptions

2000-11-10 Thread seb bacon
I was just building in some error handling into some UI code, and wanted to catch errors relating to duplicate ids. The problem is that just about every client-side error raises the same kind of Exception, a 'Bad Request'. A quick grep counted 41 different types of 'Bad Request' in my Zope

[Zope-dev] is _getCopy slow?

2000-11-15 Thread seb bacon
My product is performing incredibly badly. I profiled it and got the following results: ncalls tottime percall cumtime percall filename:lineno(function) ...snip... 4/10.0100.0036.3606.360 37/60.4400.0126.330

[Zope-dev] IE5 / Medusa bug?

2000-12-14 Thread seb bacon
Tempting fate by claiming a bug...but although I'm sure I'm at fault here, there's no sensible reason for the results I'm getting. When I view one of several different pages with IE5, the last 11 bytes don't reach the browser. I've got a couple of other people to try it out. One of them

Re: [Zope-dev] Fw: PythonMethods and ZClass generation problem

2001-01-18 Thread seb bacon
hi, sounds to me like you're confusing Product with ZClass: * Alexander Limi [EMAIL PROTECTED] [010118 17:04]: ...Our constructor is called Artist_add, and resides in our product "Artist". ... "registerartist" tries to call the constructor of our Artist ZClass to add an Artist object

RE: [Zope-dev] 2.3.0 release badness

2001-01-29 Thread Seb Bacon
FWIW, I recall having similar problems with external JavaScript files in NS - it seemed that the onload event of the body is triggered *before* the external JS is loaded into the namespace. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Steve

[Zope-dev] Medusa and HTTP/1.1

2001-03-30 Thread Seb Bacon
I've been yelling at my ISP (BTopenworld) for having a badly configured transparent proxy cache, which caches all content *unless* the source specifies otherwise. It's been really messing up my development, and of course it's a concern for my users too. Hopefully they'll sort it out. Anyway,

Re: [Zope-dev] Catalog in 2.3.1

2001-04-19 Thread seb bacon
* Adrian Hungate [EMAIL PROTECTED] [010419 10:09]: Are there some problems with the new catalog? I have spotted two possible problems: 1) In CatalogAware, there is a function reindex_all, which appears to have a few problems, like calling index_object instead of reindex_object. Also, why

[Zope-dev] bad marshal data

2001-04-26 Thread seb bacon
A wierd one. When I tried to restart my Zope earlier, I got the following: 2001-04-26T18:25:03 ERROR(200) Zope Couldn't import Products.WebFactory Traceback (innermost last): File /usr/local/ZopeCVS/lib/python/OFS/, line 528, in import_products (Object: string)

[Zope-dev] clipboard utility

2001-05-08 Thread seb bacon
Just a quick thought - It'd be useful to be able to see what is on your 'clipboard' when you're copyandpasting. Would it be a Bad Thing to factor out the first bit of OFS.CopySupport.manage_pasteObjects into a separate function, which is callable TTW? You could then iterate over the objects on

[Zope-dev] dtml-in batching badly

2001-06-18 Thread seb bacon
Hi, First, I don't post to this list normally; is it the best place to discuss an apparent bug? Anyway, the lowdown: If you iterate over a list with a batch size of 1, it messes up towards the end of the sequence. For example, the following code: dtml-call REQUEST.set('hoo',(1,2,3,4))

Re: [Zope-dev] dtml-in batching badly

2001-06-19 Thread seb bacon
* Joachim Werner [EMAIL PROTECTED] [010618 20:28]: That's not the behaviour I'd expect. Can anyone confirm this is a bug? As LEE Kwan Soo has already said, it is not a bug, but a clever (too clever?) feature that should maybe not be enabled by default. Every second week or so somebody

[Zope-dev] zope core dump

2001-07-09 Thread seb bacon
I just tried to restart zope and got a core dump. The backtrace (pasted below) indicated a problem with the binascii module, and sure enough, trying to import it reproduced the segfault. I reinstalled python and it all worked again. This isn't strictly a Zope issue but I wondered if anyone's

[Zope-dev] Traversal Barf

2001-07-10 Thread seb bacon
I've been getting a puzzling error. It's not reliably reproduceable. It occurs perhaps one time in four when I'm using Opera. At first, it appeared only to be related to Opera, but now I'm getting the same error in netscape. I can just hit refresh and it works again. There's no sign of

Re: [Zope-dev] zope core dump

2001-07-10 Thread seb bacon
* Evan Simpson [EMAIL PROTECTED] [010709 21:12]: seb bacon wrote: I just tried to restart zope and got a core dump. The backtrace (pasted below) indicated a problem with the binascii module, and sure enough, trying to import it reproduced the segfault. I reinstalled python and it all

Re: [Zope-dev] Traversal Barf

2001-07-11 Thread seb bacon
* Steve Alexander [EMAIL PROTECTED] [010711 07:59]: KeyError: SERVER_URL I have seen a similar traceback which was due to a bug in, to which I have submitted a patch. It had to do with a lack of an acquisition wrapper at an inopportune time. It looks as though

Re: [Zope-dev] Traversal Barf

2001-07-12 Thread seb bacon
snip stuff about SERVER_URL KeyError * Casey Duncan [EMAIL PROTECTED] [010711 16:22]: I haven't the time time to pursue this right now, but I'll attempt to make a simple, reproduceable example and submit it to the Tracker. But just in case I get time to debug it, where might I start? I'm

Re: [Zope-dev] Vulnerability in Zope

2001-09-24 Thread seb bacon
* Andy McKay [EMAIL PROTECTED] [010924 01:11]: Haven't we been complaining about this automatic appending of tracebacks for a while? To me this is what log files are for but Im not sure what this guy is on. I wouldnt count this as a security vulnerability. It's not an exploitable

[Zope-dev] random regex

2001-09-26 Thread seb bacon
I'm finding that the regex which deals with links in structured text is broken (Zope 2.4.1, Python 2.1). If you try a link with a query string: link: the part of the regex which is matching the url only matches up to the first '=' (or ''). If I run the

Re: [Zope-dev] bug reporting idea

2001-11-21 Thread Seb Bacon
don't get reported because someone doesn't know about the collector, or even how to report bugs well. seb - Original Message - From: Chris Withers [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: seb bacon [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2001 11:14 AM Subject: Re: [Zope-dev] bug

Re: [Zope-dev] Open Letter to zope-dev

2001-11-30 Thread seb bacon
* Lennart Regebro [EMAIL PROTECTED] [011130 11:24]: From: Andrew Kenneth Milton [EMAIL PROTECTED] Noone from Zope Corp seems to monitor the list to help out. That is not my experience at all. I have received answers from Zope corps several times. But sure, most of the answers you get come

Re: [Zope-dev] Zope has been Hijacked! Save Zope!

2001-11-30 Thread seb bacon
- ) -- [] j a m k i t seb bacon T: 020 7749 7218 F: 020 7739 8683 M: 07968 301 336 W: ___ Zope-Dev maillist

Re: [Zope-dev] (SHOUT) NOTIFICATION!!!!

2001-11-30 Thread seb bacon
+2 I like the idea of unifying the fishbowl and the collector. And I agree about notification. seb ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! ** (Related lists

Re: [Zope-dev] (SHOUT) NOTIFICATION!!!!

2001-11-30 Thread seb bacon
Paul Everitt wrote: This isn't a good track record. Brian produced 35 pages worth of almost-flawless docs on web services to go with his code. But no comments. And he's doing this on his own time. So let's remember that this is a two-way street. snip * Chris Withers [EMAIL

Re: [Zope-dev] FW: Zope optimistic transactions.

2001-11-30 Thread seb bacon
seb bacon T: 020 7749 7218 F: 020 7739 8683 M: 07968 301 336 W: ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! ** (Related lists - http

Re: [Zope-dev] FW: Zope optimistic transactions.

2001-11-30 Thread seb bacon
:// ) -- [] j a m k i t seb bacon T: 020 7749 7218 F: 020 7739 8683 M: 07968 301 336 W: ___ Zope-Dev maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Zope-dev] Re: core i18n support

2001-12-07 Thread seb bacon
On Fri, 2001-12-07 at 11:47, Paul Everitt wrote: In fact, we'd like to start a pattern of opening up the sprints to outsiders. We'd like to invite folks to Fburg for a sprint. Though you'll pay your own freight, we'll supply a spacious cubicle. :^) If you're interested, contact me. Third,

Re: [Zope-dev] Zope and Curl

2001-12-10 Thread seb bacon
There was some brief chatting about it a while ago on the list, do a search. seb On Sat, 2001-12-08 at 21:00, Dirk Datzert wrote: Hi, has any zoper played with the new internet technology curl from ? Regards, Dirk ___

Re: [Zope-dev] Merhabalar;

2001-12-13 Thread seb bacon
ROTFLMAO :-) On Wed, 2001-12-12 at 22:44, Lennart Regebro wrote: From: Can Canbilek [EMAIL PROTECTED] Öncelikle rahatsýz ediyorsak özür dileriz ama bu maili okursanýz sanýrým bize teþekkür edeceksiniz. Sizlere, hiçbir masraf yapmadan yalnýzca internete girerek para kazanacaðýnýzý iddia

[Zope-dev] Session Tracking in 2.5

2002-01-08 Thread seb bacon
I thought it was time to catch up on the CST stuff which has made it into the core, only to find that it's only *based on* Chris' CST stuff. And I can't find a fishbowl project anywhere describing the rationale, apis, whatever... Is there a fishbowl for this? Or was session tracking

Re: [Zope-dev] Session Tracking in 2.5

2002-01-08 Thread seb bacon
use of all the docs you already generated along the way. So, please do try to find the time, and show my plea to those who make room for doing such things :-) seb On 08 Jan 2002 11:39:35 + seb bacon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I thought it was time to catch up on the CST stuff which has

[Zope-dev] Calling every zoper, newbies to gurus

2002-01-14 Thread seb bacon
First, apologies for the cross posting. I need to make sure this gets to as many people as possible, for obvious reasons... Everyone's got grumbles about how is organised. Now is the time to quit grumbling and do something about it. If you are a newbie or a guru, please take the time

Re: [Zope-dev] CMF 1.2 - Can I convert Files to PortalFiles

2002-01-31 Thread seb bacon
You can use FTP to upload the files - check out which port your Zope FTP server is running on and have a look there. Investigate the content_type_registry to see how to link certain file types to particular CMF types. Sorry for the brevity of the mail, but hopefully that points you in the right

Re: [Zope-dev] Call Profiler

2002-02-01 Thread seb bacon
I've just announced our Call Profiler product on and the zope announce list (waiting for people in different timezones to authorise them :) ( for the impatient) This is absolutely excellent, well done and thanks :) I added

Re: [Zope-dev] Adding gzip compression to

2002-02-06 Thread seb bacon
I don't have much useful to add - I just wanted to mention that I know there are people out there who have succesfully used mod_gzip with Zope; and that I *like* the name dogzip :-) seb On Tue, 2002-02-05 at 22:34, Brad Clements wrote: I'm looking for architectural suggestions for adding gzip

Re: [Zope-dev] Benchmarks: DTML vs. ZPT?

2002-02-07 Thread seb bacon
Hi! It wouldn't surprise me - ZPT has the roughly the same overheads as DTML for the language parsing, but a presentation template goes through an HTML parser in addition - which is always going to be quite slow in python. seb On Thu, 2002-02-07 at 00:01, Joachim Werner wrote: Hello! Has

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