Re: [Zope] Netscape Image Problems (LoginManager?)

2000-05-22 Thread Shane Hathaway
John, Add the following lines just before line 186 of and tell us what comes out on the console (not your browser, but the console--assuming the console is visible). print header print DateTime(header) print DateTime(header).timeTime() Shane [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: O.K

Re: [Zope] DTML Document size limit?

2000-05-22 Thread Shane Hathaway
"J. Atwood" wrote: I have built them to over 200K... J From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Andrew Diller) Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 16:09:16 -0400 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [Zope] DTML Document size limit? I can't get a DTML Document to be bigger than about 105k. Is there a size

Re: [Zope] Netscape Image Problems (LoginManager?)

2000-05-24 Thread Shane Hathaway
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Mon, May 22, 2000 at 03:10:59PM -0500, Jon Delheimer wrote: Shane, I made the changes you suggested to Here are the results: Thursday, 11-May-00 16:21:32 GMT 1900/05/11 16:21:31 GMT -2197697908.0 I have stepped through the debugger

Re: [Zope] Collector status on password change bug?

2000-05-24 Thread Shane Hathaway
Kent Polk wrote: I see that the "Can't change User Roles without their Password" bug mentioned in: (etc) is still in 2.1.6

Re: [Zope] Weird interaction between int() and DateTime.timeTime

2000-05-25 Thread Shane Hathaway
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In a previous posting about Netscape Image problems I mentioned a weird interaction between int() and DateTime.timeTime(). I can reproduce the error within the python interpreter as follows- Python 1.5.2 (#5, Jan 6 2000, 17:10:24) [GCC egcs-2.91.66

Re: [Zope] Higher Education

2000-05-26 Thread Shane Hathaway
Phil Langton wrote: Someone has mentioned that Digital Creations has taken on someone who is to implement a zope-based virtual learning environment tool kit. Is this so? Any mailing lists or contacts or test areas? You're probably referring to me. I haven't taken an active role in this

Re: [Zope] Controlling HTTP_REFERER

2000-05-26 Thread Shane Hathaway
John Hile wrote: You might try creating a frameset. Make a very small frame at the top of the window that permits the user to return to your site and take up the rest of the window with the other site. Thanks for the suggestion, but it isn't the back button I'm concerned about. I'm

Re: [Zope] Higher Education

2000-05-27 Thread Shane Hathaway
Phil Langton wrote: As for a name, how about ZEN? Connotations of enlightenment and could stand for 'Zope Education Network' That would be a name clash--Zope Zen is defined as enlightenment in the art of Zope. ;-) I think we should back away from the naming issue and just see what comes out

[Zope] Zope-Edu Wiki

2000-05-29 Thread Shane Hathaway
Your attention please! The following persons will report at once to the new Zope-Edu wiki at . They will then proceed to the Contributors page, click the question mark by their name, and enter biographical information and what projects they are working on

[Zope] Wiki change notification

2000-05-29 Thread Shane Hathaway
Zopistas, I had an idea today that I thought was worth trying out. I added to a few FrontPage's some HTML which allows you to receive notification every time any page in a Wiki changes. It uses the NetMind service. Just go to the Interfaces Wiki and enter your e-mail address at the bottom of

Re: [Zope] get objects DTML Document having Property order...

2000-05-30 Thread Shane Hathaway
"QUIN Frédéric" wrote: Hello, I want to do : dtml-in "objectValues('DTML Document')" sort=order ... /dtml-in I have some DTML Documents which don't have the property "order", and I don't want to consider those documents in my loop. But if I put the "sort=order" option, Zope raises

Re: [Zope] Zope documentation

2000-05-30 Thread Shane Hathaway
Graham Chiu wrote: I may be a bit naive, but it seems to me that one should be able to build a tool (object inspector) which when queried will produce all the methods of a queried object, the property sheets, the variables of the property sheets, the applicable methods, and report back the

Re: [Zope] Aquisition questions

2000-06-02 Thread Shane Hathaway
Ian Sparks wrote: Is there a way to enforce URL's be traversed in a set way? Thus making : valid while becomes invalid. You could set up an object called "Users" that would be found only if the user goes

Re: [Zope] Virtual host admin under Apache+ZServer+SiteAccess

2000-06-02 Thread Shane Hathaway
J M Cerqueira Esteves wrote: On Fri, Jun 02, 2000 at 09:02:11AM +0100, Phil Harris wrote: Try going to http://localhost:8080/__no_before_traverse__/manage Oops, I should have re-read SiteAccess docs... Thanks. After a few tests it seems to work normally except for one feature:

Re: [Zope] Traversable DTML methods

2000-06-12 Thread Shane Hathaway
Shalabh Chaturvedi wrote: I just created a 'Traversable DTML Document' product. You can get it here: It is a ZClass product based on the TraversableMixin (which you'll have to install anyway) to be found here:

Re: [Zope] getSize()? was [Zope] Zope 2.2 beta 1 released

2000-06-14 Thread Shane Hathaway
Wolfgang Strobl wrote: On 12 Jun 2000, 17:36 Brian Lloyd wrote: Zope 2.2.0 beta 1 has been released - you can download it from ... After noticing that ZWiki throws an Attribute Error / getSize in RecentChanges, I tried a simple dtml-var "index_html.getSize()" This works in

Re: [Zope] How do you search Tiny Tables?

2000-06-14 Thread Shane Hathaway
Graham Chiu wrote: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 In article [EMAIL PROTECTED], jesse [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes I created a tiny table and then fed the information into a DTML Method by inserting the tiny table subject headers into a table I creating inthe method html.

Re: [Zope] Big folders

2000-06-17 Thread Shane Hathaway
Jimmie Houchin wrote: I've been studying SQL this week because I've been thinking that I'll probably have to use a RDBMS to develop my site. Ideally and philosophically I like ZODB. Mountable ZODBs give me much of what I need with the possible exception of a big folder problems. My

Re: [Zope] about double sorting

2000-06-23 Thread Shane Hathaway
frank cuzzocrea wrote: i made a tinytablesplus file, and i want their to be two sorts, the primary sort being last_name, and the secondary being first_name. i say a code the read something like this dtml-in xxx sort=last_name,first_name i tryed that, but got an error that said it

Re: [Zope] dhtml-try broken in 2.2.0b3?

2000-06-29 Thread Shane Hathaway
Fixed today. :-) Shane Cary O'Brien wrote: I was porting some stuff that had a dtml-try to the newest Zope (2.2.0b3) and I had problems with a dtml-try block. I tried a fresh install and had the same problem. To reproduce, create a DHTML method with dtml-try dtml-var "1/0"

Re: [Zope] Messing with the namespaces stack [Was: (no subject)]

2000-06-29 Thread Shane Hathaway
Jim Hebert wrote: I'll go ahead and embarrass myself now, and explain what I did. Other people can chime in with "wow, that was dumb, here's the right way to do that" as needed (I'd really welcome that, actually!). Actually what you did is pretty clever, Jim. It even relies on stable

Re: [Zope] Messing with the namespaces stack [Was: (no subject)]

2000-06-30 Thread Shane Hathaway
Jim Hebert wrote: OK, I am just going to go ahead and spill the rest of what swirled around in my head about zope when I threw up this site, in the hopes that I'll either get another ego stroke (*grin*) or some more insights as to the reason why things are done the way they

Re: [Zope] Multiple clicks: how to handle them?

2000-06-30 Thread Shane Hathaway
Hung Jung Lu wrote: This must be a well-known problem: you click multiple times on a form button, and multiple requests are send to the server. On many websites they ask you not to click on the "confirm purchase" button twice, because otherwise you'll be charged twice. I've heard a

Re: [Zope] Local user groups (Virginia)

2000-07-03 Thread Shane Hathaway
"J. Michael Mc Kay" wrote: Does anyone here know of a local (Virginia, Richmond, Fredericksburg area) ZOpe/Python users group? You do know where Digital Creations is located, don't you? You ought to pay us a visit. :^) Shane ___ Zope

Re: [Zope] Help needed: why is this DTML not working in zope 2 ?

2000-07-04 Thread Shane Hathaway
Hello Gilles, I think you've been bitten by a recently solved bug in dtml-try. When 2.2.0b4 comes out, please download it and try it out with your DTML (or if you're in a hurry, download from CVS.) If 2.2.0b4 doesn't solve it, e-mail me right away. Shane Gilles Lavaux wrote: Hello, I

Re: [Zope] Help needed: why is this DTML not working in zope 2 ?

2000-07-04 Thread Shane Hathaway
Shane Hathaway wrote: I think you've been bitten by a recently solved bug in dtml-try. When 2.2.0b4 comes out, please download it and try it out with your DTML (or if you're in a hurry, download from CVS.) If 2.2.0b4 doesn't solve it, e-mail me right away. Oops, looks like you solved

Re: [Zope] Calculate difference between time input?

2000-07-07 Thread Shane Hathaway
Peter Arvidsson wrote: How do I calculate the difference between two times I get from a from? Lets say time a = 09:45 and time b = 11:15 Then I want to calculate the difference. How do I calculate it? I'd also like to know how to get the answers in differen formats. For example

Re: [Zope] Another DateTime Strangeness

2000-07-09 Thread Shane Hathaway
Nils Jeppe wrote: Zope just stored a DateTime I entered as 13:14 in a slightly odd way: 2000/07/09 13:13:60 GMT+1 Known bug? Yes, and fixed in 2.2. Shane ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] **

Re: [Zope] DTML?

2000-07-10 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris Withers wrote: Okay, seriously, DTML is really hurting Zope's chances with a lot of people/companies. DTML should be easier than, say, creating a Form in Lotus Notes or writing a component in Mason. That requries, IMHO: 1. Clear definition of when it should be used. 2. A clean, concise

Re: [Zope] For Newbies Only!

2000-07-13 Thread Shane Hathaway
"Christopher J. Kucera" wrote: Tim Cook wrote: Ok folks if you are like me and not only can't see the light but can't even find the path to the light try these things: 1. Do the Python tutorial. Well, I hardly count as a newbie any more, but I'll just add this: Learning Python was

Re: [Zope] Version Changes

2000-07-14 Thread Shane Hathaway
Tim Cook wrote: When Saving changes from a version are the notes entered in the text box logged anywhere? I can't seem to find them or any information about them. It would be handy to use them for a regular CHANGES file. They appear in the Undo log. Shane

Re: [Zope] 2.2.0 and Membership ... NoGo

2000-07-15 Thread Shane Hathaway
Bill Anderson wrote: Dunno what changed, but in 2.2.0b4 I could use Membership w/the latest ZPatterns just fine. In 2.2.0 when I try to add one, I get: "keyword redefined" errors. Phillip has already made a fix to ZPatterns that corrects the call to the product factory. It's in alpha 5.

Re: [Zope] Enitity syntax and 2.2

2000-07-17 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris Withers wrote: Hi, Just wondering if the entity syntax has been updated in 2.2 yet so I could do something like the following: dtml.url-/folder/object/method; Hmm. Nope. Ought to be though, IMHO. Collector? Shane ___ Zope maillist

Re: [Zope] Time Precision in Zope

2000-07-19 Thread Shane Hathaway
Kelvin Cheong wrote: Is there a way i can grab the time value on my current system that Zope is running on with a MILLISECOND precision? Works on 2.2.0: dtml-var expr="_.DateTime().millis()" Shane ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Zope] Scarry BTreeFolder eats my 'contents' tab

2000-07-20 Thread Shane Hathaway
Dirksen Lau wrote: Just as soon as I restarted Zope after placing the BTreeFolder in the Products dir, wham! all my files were disappeared!! It took me quite a while to collect the pieces of my minds and pulled them together again when I discovered through FTP that my files were still

Re: [Zope] Infoworld Review of Zope

2000-07-20 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris McDonough wrote: No. He got it wrong. ZEO is open-sourced, free, and available for download and has been since ~ a month ago. Write to the InfoWorld guy and tell him. :-) InfoWorld is notorious for misreporting then never retracting. We may need a letter-writing campaign. :-)

Re: [Zope] Reversing acquisition?

2000-07-20 Thread Shane Hathaway
Luciano Ramalho wrote: Thank you very much for the correction. However, after checking your Wiki references, I must say I still don´t understand the difference between context and containment (these are words that I naively used as synonyms in my message). In

Re: [Zope] Zope-killer: zSQL method that crashes Zope

2000-07-20 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris Withers wrote: Andy Gates wrote: The poison SQL is this: select (dtml-var field, field2) from tablename where (field1= dtml-sqlvar parameter1 type=string and dtml-var field '') Now I guess our code wasn't like this, but I do

Re: [Zope] Entity syntax and 2.2

2000-07-21 Thread Shane Hathaway
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Perhaps you can suggest a simple way to do something like the following: dtml-if "REQUEST.form.has_key('foo')" dtml-let previouslyEnteredValue="REQUEST.form['foo'] input type=text ... value="dtml-previouslyEnteredValue;" /dtml-let dtml-else input

Re: [Zope] Monitor

2000-07-21 Thread Shane Hathaway
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Isn't anyone using the medusa/ script to debug their zopes? I can start it up fine and view the sequence of objects I have created, but my question is how do I access the return value of a DTML method? The Zope Debugging how-to is a little scant on

Re: [Zope] dtml-in and tuples

2000-08-15 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris Withers wrote: "R. David Murray" wrote: On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Jonothan Farr wrote: Well in Python a list is mutable and a tuple is not. Right, but he's asking why dtml-in treats tuples in a special way, and exactly what that behavior is. That's right :-) ..and in

Re: [Zope] dtml-in and tuples

2000-08-15 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris Withers wrote: Shane Hathaway wrote: Looking at the code, it appears that if you pass a list of two-element tuples, dtml-in will sort by the first element of each pair and render the second element. Unluckilly, that's exactly what I was passing it. But not the result I

Re: [Zope] Re: [Zope-dev] Cool, we like the . :-)

2000-08-17 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris Withers wrote: Jonothan Farr wrote: What if an object id contains a period? Yeah, Steve noticed that too :S What about dtml-:folder:object; ? That would probably work, but isn't kind of ugly? Now we'd be forcing people to realize that colons can be path separators. Only

Re: [Zope] mailhosts and mail server speed

2000-08-18 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris Withers wrote: It's the call to mailhost.send() which is slow. I'd love to know why :S How much influence does the the mail server speed have to this? How can I measure it? ;-) Set up Sendmail on localhost and see if the problem goes away. Sendmail (and most other mail servers) will

Re: [Zope] mailhosts and mail server speed

2000-08-18 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris Withers wrote: localhost is a windows NT workstation ;-) ^^ This is the real problem and you know it. ;-) Hmm, I think our mailserver, which I was using for this, does a DNS check on the domain names to make sure they exist. I wonder if this is what is

Re: [Zope] Pb getting local roles ... strange

2000-08-18 Thread Shane Hathaway
Didier Georgieff wrote: Hello, I'm on 2.1.6. I'm trying to have an information box with all roles. dtml-in "AUTHENTICATED_USER.getRoles()" dtml-var sequence-item /dtml-in works OK. But doesn't give the local roles. So i tried dtml-with URL0 dtml-in "get_local_roles()"

[Zope] Re: [Zope-PTK] Re: [Zope] PTK and Membership product

2000-08-28 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris McDonough wrote: Forwarding this on from the Zope list to the PTK list albert boulanger wrote: From Friday's 8-25 PTK CVS PTK has logic to support the Membership product, but it seems to be using the old MembershipZ name. I want to use this combination because we

Re: [Zope] Management Interface Refactoring?

2000-08-30 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris Withers wrote: Dieter Maurer wrote: - it sends me to the management screen afterwards, and I'm calling it from the public interface. This means, you want to look at the source of "manage_delObjects" (- "OFS.ObjectManager") to see, how it sends you to the management

Re: [Zope] is soooooo slow (not really)

2000-08-31 Thread Shane Hathaway
Erik Enge wrote: [J. Atwood] | Umm.. what makes you say it is slow? It popped up just as fast as | and this morning (with each page after even | faster). It _was_ slow. Next time appears to be slow, try accessing as well since the

[Zope] For the Zope community

2000-09-05 Thread Shane Hathaway
Zopistas, It has been very rewarding to work with DC and the Zope community. I have learned a lot about software and community spirit. I have never had the opportunity to work with a more enthusiastic and dedicated group of developers. So at this time I'm releasing two new products designed

Re: [Zope] ZOPE 2.2.1 Problem

2000-09-12 Thread Shane Hathaway
Steve Williams wrote: I installed ZOPE 2.2.1 yesterday under Windows 98 to fix a ZSQL authorization problem. After rebooting my machine this morning, when I run ZOPE's start.bat, the DOS command screen comes up, flashes some messages quickly and then disappears, so ZOPE won't start.

[Zope] Oops...

2000-09-13 Thread Shane Hathaway
You can quote me: One cannot experiment with mail systems without creating a mail loop at some time. If you get a mail bounce message from my box, please ignore it. It was an accident. Shane ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]


2000-09-13 Thread Shane Hathaway
test. 1,2,3... ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! ** (Related lists -

Re: [Zope] ZOPE - Size reduction ???

2000-09-15 Thread Shane Hathaway
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I recently transformed my web site into a zope site. It's fantastic no question about that but I am a bit warried about the size of the web site. I already had to ask for user quota increase and it looks like I'll have to do it again soon. I got rid of the tutorial,

Re: [Zope] ZDebug is disturbing ;-)

2000-09-20 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris Withers wrote: Dieter Maurer wrote: Although I am very curious how ZDebug is able to disturb "sendmail". ZDebug also disturbs the PTK ;-) Hey, what do you expect? :-) It's another of my experimental "gorilla patches". However, I have found and squashed a few bugs. Make sure

Re: [Zope] ZDebug is disturbing ;-)

2000-09-20 Thread Shane Hathaway
On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Chris Withers wrote: Does that work with the PTK from CVS? I found the one I had broke all the wizards. Also, there was that bit of non-functionality I mentioned on zope-dev... hmmm... lemme go find that post... The problem was with dtml-return. ZDebug broke it. ZDebug

[Zope] FYI: Python product tutorial updated

2000-09-22 Thread Shane Hathaway
The Python product development tutorial has been updated to reflect current practices. It is accompanied by a working product that contains all the sample code (which should also replace the "Boring" product.) It will likely be included in the Product Developer's Guide. See

[Zope] FYI

2000-09-25 Thread Shane Hathaway has been having some problems with memory leaks and "ghosts". Please excuse the occasional interruption. Also, /Members is now a new kind of BTreeFolder. An update to the BTreeFolder product will soon be released. With this change, some DTML installed on may have problems if

Re: [Zope] Nasty subtle security bug - Me Too

2000-09-25 Thread Shane Hathaway
Martijn Faassen wrote: General problem description: For a ZClass instance/external methods that is only viewable by users with a particular role, the view operation fails if that role is only added to a user in a place deeper in the folder tree than the folder where the External

[Zope] Re: Download Problem

2000-09-25 Thread Shane Hathaway
Suzette Ramsden wrote: I have had this same problem downloading squishdot zip files and I don't know if it is something I am doing. When I attempt to unzip the file, I keep getting: "error reading header after processing 0 entries" What archiver are you using? I'm guessing you're talking

Re: [Zope] Nasty subtle security bug - Me Too

2000-09-26 Thread Shane Hathaway
On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Martijn Faassen wrote: Shane Hathaway wrote: Martijn Faassen wrote: General problem description: For a ZClass instance/external methods that is only viewable by users with a particular role, the view operation fails if that role is only added

Re: [Zope] email lists

2000-09-28 Thread Shane Hathaway
Terry Kerr wrote: Has anyone had any experience with storing a large list (several thousand) of email addresses in an object then sending an email to every one in the list through a MailHost? Will I need to send on email to all these addresses (multiple recipients), or one email for each

[Zope-dev] Hotfix_2000-10-02

2000-10-02 Thread Shane Hathaway This hotfix addresses an important security issue that affects Zope versions 2.2.0, 2.2.1, and 2.2.2. It is sometimes possible to access, through a URL only, objects protected by a role which the user has in


2000-10-04 Thread Shane Hathaway
Sorry for the tardiness. Shane 2917.xls 2924.xls

Re: [Zope]

2000-10-04 Thread Shane Hathaway
Shane Hathaway wrote: Sorry for the tardiness. Uh, ahem, please disregard. Sorry for sending that to the wrong place. Shane ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] ** No cross posts or HTML encoding

Re: [Zope] A temporary python object defined in a dtml-let tag ???

2000-10-05 Thread Shane Hathaway
Frederic Quin wrote: I wonder if it's possible to create temporary a python object in a dtml-let tag. If someone knows more about how to do this, please, help me... dtml-let myvar="['somevalue']" The first element of myvar is dtml-var expr="myvar[0]" /dtml-let In both the dtml-let and the

Re: [Zope] zlib.error : huh?

2000-11-09 Thread Shane Hathaway
Aaron Straup Cope wrote: I am trying to understand what exactly is going on when Zope returns an Error -5 page. Normally, this only happens on the left hand navigational menu but today it happened while I was expanding an xml document/tree object from the Examples package for the XML

Re: [Zope] XML Document DTML's tree, HiperDOM

2000-11-10 Thread Shane Hathaway
Chris Withers wrote: Shane Hathaway wrote: Here's my guess: you have a complex XML document. As you explore the document, Zope is setting a cookie that reflects the list of branches you have opened. After opening a large number of branches, you reach the limit on the size

Re: [Zope] Higher Educatoin Portal/Admin

2000-11-13 Thread Shane Hathaway
"Dario Lopez-Kästen" wrote: I'd like to know if there are any activities regarding use of Zope to build/support educational systems. I have searched the list and there seem to be a few, but I cannot find out how to contact the peoiple involved. Shane

Re: [Zope] The new Python Method renaming Poll

2000-11-16 Thread Shane Hathaway
Michel Pelletier wrote: *Once again* we will be soliciting names from inside DC and from the community. In addition to submitting a name, we encourage you to also submit a one-liner description or justification for you name, it can be in any form, Haiku poetry, a Dutch

Re: [Zope] You are currently working in version No

2000-11-21 Thread Shane Hathaway
Wolfgang Strobl wrote: On 21 Nov 2000, 9:57 Andy McKay wrote: Zope figures out what version you are in by saving a cookie. Close your browser and or delete all cookies and go back to Zope, you should then be out of any version. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I tried this before

Re: [Zope] [Urgent] Zope good for multiprocessor hardware

2000-11-23 Thread Shane Hathaway
On Thu, 16 Nov 2000 Andreas Tille wrote: we intent to buy new web server hardware. We want to run Debian GNU/Linux on a Sun system. I wonder if zope could profit from a multi-processor architecture on such a system. If you mix in ZEO (now open source), yes it can. With ZEO you can

Re: [Zope] Re: [Zope-ZEO] Zope 2.2.4 ZEO 0.4.1 (latest anyway) doesn't want to add Products

2000-12-04 Thread Shane Hathaway
Jason Cunliffe wrote: Shane Hathaway wrote: Bill Anderson wrote: On a related note, has anyone successfully made a mounted ZEOStorage thingum yet (mounted FileStorage for ZEO). The Wikis folder on is now a ZEO mount. We have chosen to use the ExternalMount

Re: [Zope] Problem with DCOracle interface for Python

2000-12-04 Thread Shane Hathaway
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am having a problem when I try to run a python application on a Sun server: it crashes when it interfaces with the oracle database. The error message that I got after debugging is the following: /usr/local/lib/python1.5/DCOracle/ ) Here

Re: [Zope] Re: [Zope-ZEO] Zope 2.2.4 ZEO 0.4.1 (latest anyway)doesn't want to add Products

2000-12-05 Thread Shane Hathaway
On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Bill Anderson wrote: Shane Hathaway wrote: Just packaged up. And there was almost much rejoicing. It doesn't seme to want to mount the root of a Data.fs, at least according to the add form. Is this by design

Re: [Zope] The not-very-Super user

2000-12-05 Thread Shane Hathaway
Brian Lloyd wrote: I notice there were some CVS checkins about renaming it to the 'emergency user'. Cool, does this mean you're going to be able to define a manager at install-time? Yes - the whole lame login-as-superuser-create-a-manager-and-relogin process will be gone

Re: [Zope] Re: [Zope-ZEO] Zope 2.2.4 ZEO 0.4.1 (latest anyway)doesn't want to add Products

2000-12-05 Thread Shane Hathaway
On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, Bill Anderson wrote: So, what would you suggest for the following scenario? o Site distirbuted via ZEO o Using SiteAccess2 for virtual hosting sites under /vhosts/thissite /vhosts/thatsite o each site is actually it's own full Data.fs Under non-zeo, it's simple,

Re: [Zope] Re: [Zope-ZEO] Zope 2.2.4 ZEO 0.4.1 (latest anyway)doesn'twant to add Products

2000-12-07 Thread Shane Hathaway
Bill Anderson wrote: Shane Hathaway wrote: On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, Bill Anderson wrote: So, what would you suggest for the following scenario? o Site distirbuted via ZEO o Using SiteAccess2 for virtual hosting sites under /vhosts/thissite /vhosts/thatsite o each site

Re: [Zope] Zope 2.2.4 dying under Solaris 2.6

2000-12-07 Thread Shane Hathaway
Steve Spicklemire wrote: It might be interesting to turn on the -M option of and see if there is any pattern to the crash. This can happen for a number of reasons (e.g., a buggy Python extension, an infinite recursive loop, ). I wrote a script recently which is able to track a

Re: [Zope] ZEXP filesize

2000-12-08 Thread Shane Hathaway
peter bengtson wrote: How (and if) is it possible to deduce the total size of a website from the filesize of Exported ZEXP files in Zope? If it's not possible to find a formula for the ratio of zopestuff and htmlstuff, is there any other way of getting a good estimate of "how big a site

Re: [Zope] security - am I going crazy ?

2000-12-08 Thread Shane Hathaway
Aleksander Salwa wrote: Few days ago I found that on site that I'm currently working on, everybody can add DTMLMethods and Documents (and maybe do more, I haven't checked yet, but I think it's bad enough !) by simply entering URL

Re: [Zope] acl_users glitch?

2000-12-08 Thread Shane Hathaway
Anthony Monta wrote: Is anyone else running into this problem with 2.2.4? I've created a role called "Faculty" that has all the powers of "Manager" except "Change Permissions." However, when a user with this role tries to open an acl_users folder (say, in a subfolder) while using the

Re: [Zope] Applying hotfix to running zope

2000-12-08 Thread Shane Hathaway
Oliver Sturm wrote: is there a way to apply a patch like the current hotfix product to a running zope without restarting the process? It might be possible with some future hotfixes, but not this one, since it modifies the initialization procedure. Shane

Re: [Zope] Re: [Zope-Annce] SECURITY alert and hotfix release

2000-12-08 Thread Shane Hathaway
Andrew Kuchling wrote: On Fri, Dec 08, 2000 at 03:48:52PM -0500, Brian Lloyd wrote: The hotfix will work for all versions of Zope 2.2.0 and higher. A future version of Zope will contain the fix for this issue, and you will be able to uninstall the hot fix after upgrading. A slight

[Zope] Re: Can't import objects ... is transparent folder still the reason ?

2001-01-02 Thread Shane Hathaway
Didier Georgieff wrote: I have a problem importing objects (Yihaw Folder derived from Object Manager) on 2.2.4 and Transparent Folder (see traceback at the end). Some months ago i had some similar problem with the first/removed Transparent Folder version. Is this same problem still there

Re: [Zope] HELP re: MailHost and Hotfix 2000_-12-08

2001-01-02 Thread Shane Hathaway
Norman Khine wrote: Hello, I am having difficulty in setting up the MailHost on the Zope Server. Every time I try I get an error: Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. Debugging Notice Zope has encountered a problem publishing your object. Cannot locate

Re: [Zope] LoginManager and Zope 2.3

2001-01-08 Thread Shane Hathaway
Austin Mayberry wrote: Has anyone tried get the LoginManager to work with Zope 2.3a1? When I try the LoginManager product is broken with error message: LoginManager 0.8.6 seems to work fine. 0.8.8b1 tries to use a class in that no longer exists. In fact, it does things that are

Re: [Zope] Caching/http-acceleration and proxying Zope-served content

2001-01-08 Thread Shane Hathaway
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a question, for anyone experienced in working with Zope and caching proxies: I'm setting up a load-balanced server farm that has nodes that will run Apache and proxy (via mod_proxy) to ZEO clients running ZServer. This farm is routed (both ways) through a

Re: [Zope] Tux Zope?

2001-01-09 Thread Shane Hathaway
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What I would really like to see is this: Images and multi-media that can be served by Tux, but managed by Zope, so that all content is managed, but serving the images and multi-media is really fast, and not reliant on the ODB. I thought I saw something about a

Re: [Zope] Storing and Using Object references

2001-01-10 Thread Shane Hathaway
Tom Jenkins wrote: Hello all, i have a question and I hope someone can point me in the right direction to solve it. I need one zope object to hold a reference to another zope object so the first object can call methods of the second object. oh, these are python classes. Example:

Re: [Zope] Adding many users

2001-01-10 Thread Shane Hathaway
Ragnar Beer wrote: Howdy Zopistas and happy new year! I need to add about 150 users to an acl_users folder and I wouldn't like to do it manually since the data already exists in a python list. What would be an elegant way to add them all with a python script? A script to put in

Re: [Zope] NameError: Zope2.3a2 and LoginManager-0-8-8b1

2001-01-13 Thread Shane Hathaway
Janko Hauser wrote: Hello, I try to install LoginManager on a new Zope2.3. I have made the before mentioned changes regarding Super and the product shows up fine in the Product folder. But I can not add a LoginManager in a normal folder with the attached error message. I have seen,

Re: [Zope] OpenBSD 2.8 woes

2001-01-13 Thread Shane Hathaway
Jan Muenther wrote: However, after installing the Python packages that comes shipped with the OpenBSD 2.8 CDs, the Zope installation script runs nicely, but when I try and access the management screen, I only see LOADS of error messages: Zope Error Zope has

Re: [Zope] importing string module in python METHOD - a problem that shouldn't be aproblemproblem

2001-01-13 Thread Shane Hathaway
Lee wrote: I have a Python method that needs to use the string module. In the method body I have the 'import string' statement but when I try it = Error Type: ImportError Error Value: __import__ not found import is available in Python Scripts but not Python Methods.

Re: [Zope] Zope 2.3.0 beta 1 comments

2001-01-17 Thread Shane Hathaway
Martijn Pieters wrote: On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 10:07:30AM +, Chris Withers wrote: - When you resize the top frame, you get back a load of CSS (but as text and without a content type) This didn't happen in a2. If you switch to inline CSS (instead of linked CSS) this problem will go

Re: [Zope] Burning pages

2001-01-18 Thread Shane Hathaway
Vincent Stoessel wrote: can Zope pages be exported as html pages. I want to burn some pages out that do not change often and thus do not need to be dynamic. May I suggest that you set up long-term caching instead? That way you get to retain the manageability of Zope while not consuming

Re: [Zope] Mental disconnect help: Zope objects vs. Python objects in ZODB

2001-01-19 Thread Shane Hathaway
Michael Bernstein wrote: Max Mller Rasmussen wrote: Whops... The missing link Whoa. I am *seriously* impressed with the clarity you've brought to this subject. Thank You! Agreed, it's quite clear. It is good to

Re: [Zope] Cache manager in zope 2.3.0b1

2001-01-24 Thread Shane Hathaway
"Bak @ kedai" wrote: sorry. my mistake. i think more info on how/what should/can be a cache key is good. currently, there's two cache key fields, one in the object itself, one in the cache manager instance. the field in object can contain more than one cache keys, while the cache key in

Re: [Zope] external method and security

2001-01-29 Thread Shane Hathaway
Marty Stitt wrote: Is it up to me to write my own security code when using an external method? Basically, yes. You can protect access to the "stub" within the ZODB using the Security tab, but the body of the external method has free reign. Shane

[Zope] Re: Ape

2006-03-11 Thread Shane Hathaway
Dennis Allison wrote: I am looking to map a portion of the local file system into Zope. One way to do this is to use LocalFS, another is to use Ape. I am sure there are onter approaches as well. We are using Zop 2.9.X. Will Ape work in this context? What would you suggest? Ape doesn't

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