[Zope] ZMySQLDA on Win32 - connect then crash

2000-08-09 Thread William BC Crandall
SQL Server version: 3.23.21-beta-debug Zope version: Zope 2.2.0 (binary release, python 1.5.2, win32-x86) Python version: 1.5.2 (#0, Jul 30 1999, 09:52:18) [MSC 32 bit (Intel)] Computer: Acer Extensa 710TE, PentiumII, 160MB RAM Thanks in andvance for any thoughts. William BC Crandall Wiesbaden, Germ

Re: [Zope] ZMySQLDA on Win32 - connect then crash

2000-08-09 Thread William BC Crandall
, but 'show tables' crashes Python/Zope. I installed contents of ZMySQLDA-1-1-4 in: zope-dir/lib/python/Products/ZMySQLDA Thanks again, William BC Crandall Wiesbaden, Germany [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Original Message - From: "William BC Crandall" [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[Zope] Zope MySQL on Win98

2000-08-10 Thread William BC Crandall
Argument 000810 13:56:23 1 Connectroot@localhost on 1 Init DBtmm 000810 13:56:35 2 Connectroot@localhost on 2 Init DBtmm 1 Quit Many thanks for any suggestions. William B

[Zope] Simple DTML date-stamp

2000-08-10 Thread William BC Crandall
Just starting to set things up, and I would like a standard_html_footer with a date-stamp. As a start, I tried: hr pLast modified: dtml-var name="date" fmt="aCommonZ"/p pdtml-var ZopeAttributionButton/p /body /html Why does this break? Minimal format breaks in the same way: hr pLast

[Zope] Why is 'Shutdown' an Error?

2000-08-10 Thread William BC Crandall
Another start-up question. Why does the Control Panel "Shutdown" button generate an Error: Zope Error Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. exceptions.SystemExit Zope has exited normally. Traceback (innermost last): File C:\Program

Re: [Zope] Start-up log? was[ZMySQLDA on Win32]

2000-08-11 Thread William BC Crandall
tales.) Thanks again for helping the new guy. Regards, Phil Harris wrote: William, I sent this to you a few days ago, but it bounced back. Phil - Original Message - From: "Phil Harris" [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: "William BC Crandall" [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent:

[Zope] Start-up log?

2000-08-14 Thread William BC Crandall
G'morning all. Simple question: Does Zope generate a log file noting each transaction, including start-up complaints? (I get error messages that scroll out of sight when I run START.BAT.) Thanks! ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Zope] Simple DTML date-stamp

2000-08-14 Thread William BC Crandall
Holger, Peter, and Luis, Thanks for your emails. This: dtml-with "this" dtml-var bobobase_modification_time fmt=aCommonZ /dtml-with gave me what I was looking for. "http://www.zope.org/Members/AlexR/CustomDateFormats" Was also a good pointer. For those into historical trivia, what or who

[Zope] ZMySQLDA on Win32

2000-08-14 Thread William BC Crandall
[Re-sending w/o attachments -- too big for mail servers.] William BC Crandall wrote: Chasing down MySQL question, I get here: (Besides having a strong urge to return to Linux ;) I now have three MySQL.pyd modules (attached for your inspection -- labeled 01,02,03). The oldest file (01

[Zope] Zope culture (Was: [Zope] Simple DTML date-stamp)

2000-08-14 Thread William BC Crandall
Hello Chris, Thanks for the historical pointer. Also explains why 'Add Z Gadfly Database Connection' pops up a strange sounding comment for new Zopers: Additional data sources may be created by making additional directories in the var/gadfly subdirectory of your