[Zope] Perl Scripting in Zope

2000-12-15 Thread Mike Kelland
I'm running Zope on a Windoze 2k machine (no, I'm not happy about the situation ;P ) and I'm a Perl programmer by training. Has Perl Scripting support been ported to Win yet and if so could someone possibly run me through the procedure of installing it (I'm a bit of a newb to installing

Re: [Zope] Perl Scripting in Zope

2000-12-15 Thread Michel Pelletier
On Fri, 15 Dec 2000, Mike Kelland wrote: I've got about 3/4 of my application built in Zope (entirely in dtml I'm afraid to say) but I'm reaching a point where it's difficult to continue with only DTML (things like complicated database structures and validation of input fields) and since I