[Zope] Problem with ZPsyopg

2005-06-01 Thread David
Zope 2.7 / ZPsyopgDA / PostgreSQL7.3.4 My problem is that we're running a lot of little websites on a single server. Each site has its own zope/zpsyopg instance and its own postgresql database. But all databases are served by a single postmaster (postgresql instance). The issue arising is

Re: [Zope] Problem with ZPsyopg

2005-06-01 Thread Dieter Maurer
David wrote at 2005-6-1 12:12 +0100: ... Is there a way how I can configure my system, so that idle connections expire when not used for a certain time? In some sense, this is the case -- also not directly controlled by time. Idle connections expire when the DA object is flushed from the