Re: [Zope] renaming python input params in DTML

2001-01-15 Thread Dieter Maurer
Lee writes: ... I have a Python method expecting 'text' as a parameter ... ... The Python method, testSQL, returns 'result'. ... dtml-in expr="REQUEST.form.items()" dtml-in expr="testSQL(text='dtml-var sequence-keyxdtml-var sequence-item')" dtml-var result /dtml-in/dtml-in

RE: [Zope] renaming python input params in DTML

2001-01-14 Thread Randall F. Kern
You can't use DTML tags inside an expr="" attribute; the value of expr is python code. To access the sequence-item variable from python, you need: _['sequence-item'] So, try something like this (untested): dtml-in expr="REQUEST.form.items()" dtml-in expr="testSQL(text=_['sequence-key']