Re: [Zope] symbolic links or invisible objects..?

2000-08-30 Thread Dieter Maurer

Geoffrey L. Wright writes:
... symbolic links ...

If your content is simple, i.e. does not contain URL references,
then symbolic links can easily be emulated with DTML methods.

Suppose, you have the following structure:



 and you want "A/B1/bi" be a symbolic link to "A/A1/ai",
 then "bi" would be the following DTML method:
 dtml-with "A.A1"dtml-var ai/dtml-with.

 This will not work, if "ai" make a URL reference to an "aj"
 unless "aj" and "bj" have the same id and "bj" is
 a symbolic reference to "ai".

For more complex situations, you may use the product SiteAccess
(-- to redirect requests transparently according
to situation.

You may look at
This is used as a SiteAccess AccessRule for localization.
Requests going to a folder controlled by this rule are
served from this folder, if possible.
If not possible, the request is redirected to a different

I think, this method can be abused to get what you want.


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Re: [Zope] symbolic links or invisible objects..?

2000-08-29 Thread R. David Murray

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Geoffrey L. Wright wrote:
 Aparently the fact that a number of other non-content objects are visible
 at the same level of heirarchy in the site is a problem.  So my question
 is this:
  Is there any way to make zope understand something like a UNIX symbolic
  link?  If so, I could easily create a single directory with a symlinks to
  all the appropriate objects in the site.  Content managers would then
  have access only to this dir and would therefor see all appropriate
  Or perhaps there is a way to make other objects invisable to those w/out
  the necessary permission to use them?  I've played with Zope permissions
  a but, and haven't yet found a way to do this.
  Or is the some other way entirely to look at this problem?

How about creating a custom management page that just lists the
objects they need to change?  You could do this by hand if the
object list is static.  If, as is more likely, it changes, you
could create a Catalog that indexes meta_type or (if body_content
is not a specialized class) id, and thereby be able to pull up a
list of all body_content objects and list them on the custom
management page using dtml-in.  You can even use dtml-in batching
to keep the page size down if there are lots of these things.


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