[gentoo-user] file conflict: libomp and xkaapi

2018-03-31 Thread karl
sys-libs/libomp-5.0.1 sci-libs/xkaapi-2.2 both have the file /usr/include/omp.h Is there any way I can work around that problem ? Regards, /Karl Hammar --- Aspö Data Lilla Aspö 148 S-742 94 Östhammar Sweden +46 173 140 57

Re: [gentoo-user] New xorg-proto package blocks everything else.

2018-03-25 Thread Neil Bothwick
U ] media-libs/gst-plugins-base-1.12.4 [1.12.3] > [ebuild U ] virtual/package-manager-1 [0] > [ebuild U ] sys-libs/ncurses-6.1-r1 [6.0-r1] > [ebuild NS] dev-lang/python-3.6.3-r1 [2.7.14-r1, 3.5.4-r1] > USE="gdbm ncurses readline ssl (threads) xml -build -examples > -hardened

[gentoo-user] install problem: dev-texlive/texlive-basic-2017-r1

2018-03-14 Thread karl
Is this a bug or is there something wrong on my side ? * Messages for package dev-texlive/texlive-basic-2017-r1: * ERROR: dev-texlive/texlive-basic-2017-r1::gentoo failed (compile phase): * failed to build format texmf-dist/fmtutil/format.texlive-basic.cnf * * Call stack: *

[gentoo-user] Building mongodb-3.4.2 scons error

2017-03-12 Thread Dick Middleton
I'm trying to install mongodb 3.4.2 and have a troublesome scons error when linking the mongo shell. collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status scons: *** [build/opt/mongo/mongo] Error 1 scons: building terminated because of errors. build/opt/mongo/mongo failed: Error 1 * ERROR:

[gentoo-user] Several packages failing to build

2018-05-14 Thread Elijah Mark Anderson
I'm having an issue with about a dozen packages not upgrading. I'd really appreciate some help getting them to build and install. I'm getting the feeling that the problems are somehow related, but really not sure. First up: dev-libs/appstream-0.11.5::gentoo Anyone know what's going on here?