Re[2]: [gentoo-user] Nginx with PHP-FPM

2012-04-04 Thread Stefan Schmiedl
! [ebuild R] www-servers/nginx-1.1.17 USE=http http-cache ipv6 pcre ssl vim-syntax -aio -debug -libatomic -pcre-jit NGINX_MODULES_HTTP=access addition auth_basic autoindex browser charset dav empty_gif fastcgi geo gzip headers_more limit_req limit_zone map memcached proxy push realip

[gentoo-user] Major trouble with my build system

2016-11-29 Thread Christian Rößner
e bash-completion berkdb bindist btrfs bzip2 caps cli cracklib crypt curl cxx device-mapper dri gdbm hardened iconv ipv6 justify logrotate loop-aes lzo mmap mmx mmxext modules ncurses nls nptl nscd ntp openmp openssl pam pax_kernel pcre pie readline seccomp session sse sse2 ssl ssp tcpd threads unicod