Re: [gentoo-user] Help needed:jpeg_resync_to_restart() and zathura pdf reader

2011-09-03 Thread Michael Orlitzky
On 09/03/2011 05:44 AM, Ignas Anikevicius wrote: Hello list, I was wondering if someone could explain me what ebuild provides the jpeg_resync_to_restart() function as when I try to run a pdf using a zathura-pdf-mupdf plugin, it gives me the following error

Re: [gentoo-user] recommended applications

2015-05-25 Thread Emanuele Rusconi
based on mupdf handy. By the way, I was looking for a pdf that crashed poppler, to test llpp on it, but I can't find it anymore (though llpp is mupdf-based, so it shouldn't have been affected, anyway). Maybe that bug has been resolved lately. -- Emanuele Rusconi